Shaq Beats Charles in 3-Point Contest, Breakdances on Set at Inside the NBA

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TNT’s Inside the NBA: “Where Breakdancing Analysts Happen.”

With NBA legends Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley on hand, Inside the NBA can quickly turn into a sitcom with a basketball-analyzing problem. When they’re not covering the game and breaking down the action, the two big men are talking smack, squaring off in some sort of challenge and someone usually ends up on the studio floor.

This is exactly what happened Monday night after the Spurs-Warriors game when the friendly competition turned into a three-point shootout between O’Neal and Barkley, with the first one to make it being declared the winner.

Co-host Kenny Smith took on the role of bookie/emcee for the contest, explaining that four of the eight men on the set (including the crew) had bet on Charles, and he and three others had chosen the Diesel to pull out the contest.

Naturally, the two debated who would be allowed to shoot first, with O’Neal offering the irrefutable argument, “No, you don’t go first. I go first,” before pulling up from long range on TNT’s in-studio ball court.

The result? Nothing but the bottom of the net. O’Neal nailed his jumper and Smith went ballistic, high-stepping and screaming, “Cash rules everything around me!” 

I don’t care who you are, or what your personal preference in sports analysts is—anytime an analyst on a major sports network starts dropping Wu-Tang Clan lyrics, you must doff your cap in respect. Representing the Wu on national television just doesn’t happen enough these days.

You also have to respect Shaq, who broke down a “victory dance” on the cold, hard floor after Barkley’s shot clanged off the rim.

What was better? Shaq’s breakdancing? Or him flipping Charles over a couch last week?

I’d say it’s close.

I always get blindsided with a flying drop-kick at the B/R cooler: Dr__Carson

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