Bray Wyatt Explains on Twitter Why He Has Been Wearing a Mask

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterMay 6, 2013

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Bray Wyatt took to Twitter to answer questions about why he's been wearing a mask in the ring and if we should expect to continue to see him wear it.

WWE fans checking out recent NXT events may have noticed that Wyatt has been sporting a Phantom of the Opera-like mask. The white mask also looks a lot like the one Cody Rhodes wore to the ring in 2011.

Speculation bubbled among circles of fans who watch NXT. Wyatt's rambling, dark-poet character has made him one of NXT's most popular prospects. WWE wouldn't go and turn this successful gimmick into something else entirely, would it?

One fan posted a video (note: Video NSFW due to profanity) on YouTube explaining how upset WWE potentially messing with Wyatt's gimmick made him. That gentleman and anyone else worried that Wyatt is being repacked in some way need not worry—the new attire is not a signaling of a gimmick tweak.

The leader of the Wyatt Family said so himself. When a fan criticized his new mask, Wyatt explained why he was wearing it in just five words.

The mask isn't as terrible as that fan made it out to be, but it doesn't suit Wyatt. He is so enthralling with his current gimmick, so absorbed in his sinister role that he doesn't need anything added or subtracted from what he has right now.

Tinkering with the character would be similar to painting over some of Rembrandt's paintings, so it's understandable why a simple gear change would cause some folks to panic.

The mask makes him look creepier even if it has a touch of ridiculousness to it.

It's just a temporary fix to keep Wyatt working while he recovers from the broken nose he apparently suffered in a match against Kassius Ohno. Wyatt is quickly gaining momentum, and taking time off to let a broken nose heal only stalls his inevitable rise to the main roster.

When asked if the mask was here to stay, Wyatt squashed that as well.

Wyatt will be sans-mask soon enough. In the meantime, he can put on excellent matches like he did against Chris Jericho recently as he grows and develops into a main-roster star.