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WWE Vs. TNA: Dream Card No. 9

Scotty MillerCorrespondent INovember 25, 2016

WWE & TNA Wrestling Presents "War Games" (11-22-09)

The concept to the War Games PPV is a mixture of WCW's classic War Games matches and WWE's Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Matches. Its all about surviving at this PPV.

As the PPV comes on the air, the classic War Games cage is lowered down to surround the four sided ring. As it surrounds the ring, pyro and fireworks sparks out and up the the four corners of the cage. As the PPV is ready to start, TNA ring announcer David Penzer now does the introductions for the first War Games Match.

Penzer: Our opening match up is the classic War Games!! (the crowd begins to roar in anticipation). The rules to War Games are as follows, one participant from both teams starts the match for 5 minutes. After the 5 minute period is up, at random a new superstar from either team enters the match and from there at every 2 minutes a new superstar enters the match until all competitors has entered the match. You can only get a pinfall or a submission after all participants has entered to win to win the match.


Match No. 1

WCW Classic War Games Match

John Cena, Batista, Rey Mysterio, and Shawn Michaels vs. Jeff Jarrett, Petey Williams, Rhino, and Abyss

This is a rematch from last month's Halloween Bash but with the War Games' twist to it. The two participants that starts the match are Rey Mysterio and Abyss. Abyss brings with him to the caged ring a solid, 6 foot steel chain and also a mysterious black bag full of something.

As the door closes, Abyss wraps the long, steel chain around his right fist. As Abyss runs towards Rey to hit him with the chain, Rey hits a low dropkick to the right knee to Abyss followed by quick kicks to the "Monster."

Rey then whips off the ropes to hit Abyss in the face with a dropkick but Abyss catches Rey by grabbing Rey's throat and then throws Rey back first into the cage. Abyss now begins to pumble Rey with Rey leaned up against the cage.

After hammering Rey, Abyss then lifts Rey up and powerbombs Rey into the steel cage. Rey then falls to the mat motionless.

After powerbombing Rey, Abyss then picks up Rey and whips Rey off the ropes followed by a big boot to the face of Rey. With Rey laying on the mat Abyss grabs his steel chain and begins to whip the body of Rey with the steel chain.

After whipping Rey, Abyss grabs the head of Rey and then hits Rey in the face with the steel chain. Blood now begins to pour out of the mask of Rey. When Abyss sees the blood of Rey, Abyss just rips the mask off Rey to expose the bloody face and head of Rey.

After ripping the mask off Rey, Abyss picks up Rey and throws Rey head first into the cage. Abyss then beats the head and face of Rey into the cage six more times. After the beating of Rey's head into the cage, Abyss whips Rey off the ropes and hits the Black Hole Slam on Rey. Abyss the grabs his chain, wraps it around the throat of Rey to begin to choke out Rey.

While Abyss is choking out Rey, the five minute period comes to a end and the next man to enter is the "Animal" Batista. Batista enters the caged ring and gets face to face with Abyss. Batista and Abyss begin to slug it out now. Batista begin now to get the advantage on Abyss and as he tries to hit a Batista Bomb to Abyss, Abyss counters and back drops Batista.

When Abyss picks up Batista, Rey comes in from behind of Abyss and hits a low blow to Abyss with the Abyss's very own steel chain. After the low blow, Batista hits the Batista Bomb to Abyss followed by a big Frog Splash by Rey from the top rope. The two-minute period is up and John Cena enters the match next.

With Abyss still laid out, Cena comes in, wraps the steel chain around his fist and hits the 5 Knuckle Shuffle to Abyss. That bust opens Abyss and Abyss begins to bleed now. Now, Cena, Batista, and Rey begin to triple team Abyss. With Abyss bleeding, Cena and Batista double teams and har irish whips Abyss face and head first into the cage.

After Abyss is thrown into the cage, Cena hits the F-U to Abyss and then locks in the STF-U onto Abyss. The second 2 minute period finally ends and Rhino enters the match next as he bulldozes towards the caged ring all fired up.

Rhino enters the ring with a steel chair in hand and bashes the head of Batista when Rhino enters the match. Rhino then kicks Cena off of Abyss and then Gores the hell out of Rey that flips Rey inside and out. After taking the chair shot by Rhino, Batista begins to bleed now.

After Goring Rey, Rhino grabs the steel chair, tosses it to Cena, and Rhino then Gores the steel chair into Cena! With Cena holding his ribs and screaming in pain, Rhino turns his attention to Batista.

When Abyss gets to his feet still bloody, he tells the referee on the outside to give him the black bag that Abyss brought to the ring. The third 2 minute period comes to an end and "Maple Leaf Muscle" enters the match next.

After grabbing the black bag, Abyss pours to the mat not thumb tacks but pieces of broken glass. As Abyss grabs Rey to chokeslam him onto the broken glass, Petey stops Abyss and tells Abyss something. Abyss then releases Rey and tosses Rey to Petey.

Petey then bends Rey over and does the unthinkable. Petey hits the Canadian Destroyer to Rey onto the broken pieces of glass! After the Canadian Destroyer into the broken glass the fans begin to chant "HOLY SH*T" over and over. Rey now just begins to to lay in the bloody pieces of broken glass.

Meanwhile, Batista, Cena, Abyss, and Rhino continues to fight. The fourth 2 minute period ends and the "King of the Mountain" Jeff Jarrett enters the match next. Jarrett brings with him his signature guitar and as Cena reaches for Jarrett out of the caged door, Jarrett swings and smashes the guitar into the head of Cena.

That guitar smash cuts the head of Cena and Cena now begins to bleed. Jarrett comes into the caged ring and begin to take it to John Cena with punches and kicks.

With Rey still motionless, EMT's comes out with a stretcher and pulls Rey out of the ring to take him to the back. Before they do, Petey leaves the caged ring and begins to beat on Rey more and pulls Rey off the stretcher. Petey grabs Rey and throws Rey into the cage fence on the outside.

Petey then pulls out two tables from under the ring. After Petey stacks the tables on each other, Rey comes to his senses and begins to fight back. However, Petey hits a low blow to Rey and then tries to hit the Canadian Destroyer to Rey on the outside. But before he can, the final 2 minute period ends and Shawn Michaels comes out and scores with Sweet Chin Music to Petey on the outside. HBK then enters the match.

In the ring HBK takes Jarrett and they begin to fight while Cena has Abyss and Rhino has Batista. Meanwhile on the outside, Rey smashes Petey in the head with a steel chair and then places Petey in-between the two tables.

With Petey in-between the two tables, Rey climbs to the top of the War Games cage and hits a huge splash from the roof of the cage through the two stacked tables with Petey in-between them!

The fans begin to chant "THIS IS AWESOME" after that splash from Rey. Both Rey and Petey just lays lifeless on the floor in the broken pieces of the tables.

After that dive from Rey, the other six competitors continue to fight inside the caged ring. When Rhino gets the upper hand on Batista, he steps back and as he run towards Batista to hit Batista with a Gore, Batista moves and Rhino hits head first into the cage.

When Rhino turns around, Batista hits the Batista Bomb to Rhino. Meanwhile as Abyss tries to chokeslam Cena onto the broken glass, Cena counters and hits the F-U to Abyss onto the broken glass. After the F-U on Abyss, Cena tries to F-U Jarrett but Jarrett counters and hits the Stroke to Cena.

When Jarrett goes for the pin, HBK interrupts the pin by pulling Jarrett off Cena. As Shawn tries to hit Sweet Chin Music to Jarrett, Jarrett ducks the kick and hits the Stroke to HBK on the steel chair. As Jarrett attempts the cover, Cena comes in and locks in the STF-U to Jarrett. After 37 seconds in the STF-U Jarrett taps out and Cena's team becomes victorious in the opening bout.

The match ends at 21 minutes and 9 seconds.


Match No. 2

10 Man Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match for the TNA X-Division Championship

Motor City Machineguns, Shark Boy, Eric Young, and Sonjay Dutt vs. Evan Bourne, "The" Brian Kendrick, John Morrison, Chavo Guerrero, and CM Punk

In this match whoever gets the last elimination becomes the X-Division Champion. CM Punk and Eric Young starts the match. After Punk begins to get the advantage over Eric, Punk whips EY into the corner followed by a running high knee shot in the corner and a bulldog out of the corner.

Punk attempts the pin but Eric kicks out. Punk then tags in Chavo. Chavo begin to take it to Eric and after hitting the three Amigos to EY, Chavo goes up top to deliver a Frog Splash. But Eric moves out of the way and Chavo just lands stomach first into the ring mat. Eric then tags in Sonjay.

When Chavo gets to his feet, Sonjay whips off the ring ropes but Chavo counters Sonjay and hits the Gory Bomb to Sonjay. Chavo attempts the pin but Sonjay kicks out. Chavo then tags in Kendrick. As Kendrick tries to hit "The Kendrick" to Sonjay, Sonjay counters and shoves Kendrick into the corner.

Sonjay then rolls up Kendrick and with his feet on the ropes Sonjay gets the pin and eliminates Kendrick. Morrison then comes in and hits the corkscrew neck breaker to Sonjay. Morrison then tags back in Chavo and Chavo hits the Frog Splash to Sonjay for the pin and elimination. Shark Boy comes in next and begins to fight Chavo.

When Chavo gets the advantage on Shark Boy, Chavo clotheslines Shark Boy over the top rope. Chavo then goes to the top rope and hits a splash to Shark Boy on the outside.Chavo then picks up Shark Boy and tosses Shark Boy back into the ring.

As Chavo goes up top again, Shark Boy meets him up on the top rope. Shark Boy and Chavo begins to slug it out on the top rope. Shark Boy is able to block one of the right hands of Chavo and is able to hit the shellfish Stunner to Chavo off the top rope. Shark then pins Chavo to eliminate Chavo.

CM Punk comes back into the ring and so does the Motor City Machineguns along with EY and then all hell breaks loose after Bourne and Morrison enters the match. After Punk, Bourne, and Morrison throws Sabin, Shelley, Young, and Shark Boy to the outside, Punk and Morrison in sync whips off the ropes and dives through the middle and top rope to hit Sabin, Shelley, Young, and Shark Boy on the outside.When all the competitors get to their feet on the outside, Evan Bourne goes up to the top rope and hits a Shooting Star Press on everybody on the outside.

The fans begin to chant "THIS IS AWESOME." Punk then grabs Shark Boy and tosses him in the ring. Punk then hits the GTS to Shark Boy for the elimination. Chris Sabin comes in next. As Sabin hits a dropkick to Punk he tags in Shelley. Shelley goes up top and hits his version of the Frog Splash to Punk. Shelley attempts the pin but Punk gets a shoulder up.

Sabin comes back and as Sabin and Shelley tries to double suplex to Punk, Punk somehow counters and hits a double suplex to Shelley and Sabin. Punk then makes the tag to Morrison. Morrison comes in and hits a standing back flip to Shelley. Morrison goes for the cover but Shelley kicks out.

Morrison tag Punk back in. As Punk lifts up Shelley for the GTS, Sabin makes a blind tag to the back of Shelley. When Punk hits the GTS to Shelley, Sabin comes in and gets a quick roll up on Punk for the elimination.

Morrison comes in and right away hits the corkscrew neckbreaker to Sabin for the elimination. Morrison then tags in Bourne. Bourne and Shelley now begins to have a great x-division showdown for the next 7 minutes. When Bourne gets the upper hand, Bourne scoop slams Shelley on the mat and goes up top to deliver the Shooting Star Press.

Right before Bourne hits the Shooting Star Press to Shelley, Morrison makes a sneaky, blind tag to Bourne with Bourne on the top rope. After Bourne scores with the Shooting Star Press, Morrison comes in and gets the pin on Shelley for the last elimination and becomes the new X-Division Champion.


Match No. 3

Three Way Dance Elimination Match for the United States Championship

Shelton Benjamin vs. Jay Lethal vs. Kofi Kingston

Lethal and Shelton starts the match by trading right fists. When Lethal begins to get the upper hand with the fists on Shelton, Kofi joins Lethal and Kofi and Lethal begin to hit Shelton with double right fists.

After the fists, Jay and Kofi team up and hip tosses Shelton followed by a double clothesline taking Shelton over the top rope and onto the outside. When Shelton gets to his feet on the outside, Jay whips off the ropes and hits a suicide dive to Shelton. Kofi then follows with a cross body over the top rope to Shelton and Jay on the outside.

Kofi then grabs Jay and irish whips Jay into the barricade wall. When Kofi turns his attention to Shelton, Shelton hits the Pay Dirt to Kofi on the outside to the floor. With Kofi laid out and Jay leaned up against the barricade wall, Shelton sprints and hits Jay with a Stinger Splash. Shelton then tosses Jay back into the ring.

With Jay in the ring, Shelton jumps onto the top rope and when he leaps off to hit Jay, Jay counters Shelton and hits the Lethal Combination. Jay goes for the cover but Shelton kicks out. Jay in disbelief picks up Shelton and scoop slams him down to the mat. As Jay goes up to the top turnbuckle to deliver an elbow drop, Kofi gets up on the apron and shoves Lethal off the top rope to the floor on the outside. Kofi then gets onto the top turnbuckle but before he can do anything, Shelton gets up to his feet and leaps onto the top rope with that amazing agility of his and tries to hit a T-Bone Suplex to Kofi from the top rope. But Kofi fights off Shelton and shove Shelton back down to the ring mat and when Shelton gets back up on his feet Kofi hits a flying huricanrana to Shelton. Kofi attempts the pin but Shelton gets a shoulder up.

With Shelton still laid out on the ring mat, Kofi gets up and hits his Boom Boom Leg drop to the abdomen of Shelton. Kofi attempts the pin but Jay pulls Kofi off Shelton and out of the ring. Jay then slams Kofi's head on the steel steps. Jay then goes up top to the top turnbuckle and hits the elbow drop to Shelton.

Jay goes for the pin but somehow Shelton is still able to kick out. As Jay picks Shelton up to deliver another Lethal Combination, Shelton counters Jay and hits a T-Bone Suplex. As Shelton attempts the pin after the T-Bone, Jay surprisingly gets a shoulder up. As both stand to their feet, Kofi slides back into the ring.

When Kofi tries to hit Trouble in Paradise to Shelton, Shelton ducks and Kofi hits Jay with the kick. When Kofi gets up, Shelton hits another Pay Dirt to Kofi for the pin and the elimination of Kofi.

The match is now down to Jay and Shelton. When Jay stands to his feet after getting hit with Trouble in Paradise from Kofi, Shelton tries to superkick Jay but Jay ducks the kick and gets a roll up on Shelton but Shelton kicks out of the roll up.

When both men gets up, Jay dashes towards Shelton but Shelton catches Jay and hits a thundering T-Bone Suplex on Jay. But Jay is able to kick out after the pin attempt by Shelton. Shelton then picks up Jay and places him on the top turnbuckle.

While on the top turnbuckle Shelton hits the T-Bone Suplex to Jay off the top rope! Shelton then crawls to Jay for the cover but amazingly Jay gets a shoulder up. After Jay getting the shoulder up, Shelton grabs Jay and again places Jay on the top turnbuckle. Shelton then tries to hit another T-Bone but Jay fights Shelton off and shoves Shelton to the mat.

As Jay leaps off the top rope to deliver another elbow drop, Shelton moves out of the way and Jay crashes into the mat. When Jay stands to his feet, Shelton tries to hit Jay with a superkick but Jay blocks the kick and hits Shelton with another Lethal Combination. Jay attempts another pin but again Shelton gets a shoulder up.

Lethal then moves up top to the top rope but before he can do anything, Shelton raises to his feet, leaps onto the top rope, and hits a Pay Dirt to Jay from the top rope. Shelton gets the pin and still remains the United States Champion.


Match No. 4

WCW Classic War Games Match

Edge, Christian, and The Hardy Boyz vs. Mick Foley, Samoa Joe, and L.A.X.

Edge is selected is start first for his team. After he makes his entrance to the caged ring he awaits for his opponent. After a few seconds of silence, we hear Mick Foley's Cactus Jack theme music.

The fans go crazy when they see Mick Foley coming out dressed in a Cactus Jack "Wanted" t-shirt, taped hands, red flannel vest, black sweat pants, and white tennis shoes walking down the aisle coming for retribution after what happened last month between himself and Edge. Before Foley can make his way into the caged ring, Edge meets Foley on the outside of the cage and they begin to have a brawl right there in the aisle way.

When Edge begins to get the upper hand, Edge whips Foley into the side of the War Games cage. Edge then back drops Foley on the floor after whipping Foley in the cage. Edge then looks under the ring and pulls out a steel chair. Edge smashes Foley in the head with the chair but Foley gets right back up after the chair shot from Edge.

When Foley gets right back up after the steel chair shot, Edge has a scared and disbelief look on his face and he begins to climb to the top of the War Games cage. Before Foley follows, he throws the steel chair on top of the cage. When Foley makes his way to the roof of the cage, Edge grabs the steel chair and hits Foley in the back with it.

Edge and Foley now begin to fight on the roof of the War Games cage. When they move over to the opposite side and closer to the announce tables, Edge tries to throw Foley off the cage. But Foley stops Edge and hits a double arm DDT to Edge on top of the cage fenced roof. That DDT busts opens Edge.

When Foley picks up Edge, Edge hits a low blow on Foley and then tries to climb down. But before Edge can climb all the way down, Foley leans over the edge of the roof and grabs Edge's head. Foley then begins to grind Edge's face into the side of the cage while hanging from off the edge of the cage.

After grinding Edge's face, Foley slams Edge's face into the cage and Edge falls off the side of the cage and falls through one of the announce tables! The fans begin to chant "HOLY SH*T" over and over.

When Foley makes his way down the cage to meet the motionless body of Edge on the floor while laying on the broken announce table, the first 5 minute period comes to an end and Christian enters the match next.

Christian comes around the cage and meets Foley by the announcer tables. Christian grabs the ring bell and smashes Foley's face with it. That bell shot opens up Foley and Foley begins to bleed. Christian then grabs Foley and walks him over to the cage door and throws him into the ring.

Before Christian enters the ring, he grabs a small black bag from under the ring along with a steel chair. Christian then whacks Foley in the bloody face of Foley. After whacking Foley with the steel chair, Christian grabs the small black bag and pulls out hand cuffs.

As Christian tries to hand cuff Foley, the first 2 minute time period comes to an end and Samoa Joe runs towards the ring to try and save Foley from being hand cuffed. When Christian reaches for Joe, Joe grabs the cage door and slams it in the head of Christian. Joe then enters the caged ring and begins to work on Christian with quick chops and kicks.

When Joe punches Christian into the corner, Joe steps back and hits Christian with a running high knee to the jaw of Christian. Joe then lifts Christian on the top turnbuckle. As Joe tries to attempt the Muscle Buster, Christian fights Joe off and scores with a cross body from the top rope on Joe. Christian then gets up and smashes Foley with another steel chair shot and then places the steel chair flat on the mat.

When Joe stands to his feet Christian hits the Unprettier to Joe on the steel chair. That shot on the steel chair cuts open Joe. After the the second 2 minute period is over Homicide enters the match next.

Before Homicide can enter the ring, Edge comes from out of nowhere and spears Homicide on the floor on the outside. Edge (while still very bloody) grabs another steel chair and slides back into the ring through the cage door.

While Edge has a chair, Christian grabs his and when Foley stands to his feet edge and Christian hits a con-chair-to to Mick.

Then when Joe stands to his feet, Edge and Christian hits a con-chair-to on Joe. After the pair of con-chair-to's, Edge grabs the hand cuffs and hand cuffs Mick's hands behind his back. After the thrid 2 minute period comes to an end, Jeff Hardy comes down to the ring and drop kicks Homicide into the side of the cage on the outside. Jeff then grabs Homicide and both enters the caged ring. Hardy then places Homicide in the corner and with help from Christian, Jeff leaps off of Christian and scores with that flying leg drop to Homicide in the corner. With Foley still hand cuffed, Edge just begins to smash Foley's face into the cage.

After hitting that leg drop and with Homicide laying on the ring mat, Jeff grabs a chair and places it on the chest of Homicide and then goes up top for the Swanton Bomb. Jeff is able to hit the Swanton on Homicide with the steel chair laying on Homicide's chest. The fourth 2 minute period comes to a close and Matt Hardy enters the match next.

When Matt enters the match, him along with Jeff hits a double suplex to Joe. Matt the sets up a chair and then Jeff hits a high running splash off the chair to Joe. Meanwhile, Christian and Edge grabs Foley (still hand cuffed) and throws Foley face first into the steel cage wall. After throwing Foley into the cage wall, Edge rebounds off the ropes and hits a thundering spear to the hand cuffed Foley.

After the spear to Foley, Matt goes to the top and drops a huge leg drop to Foley. Jeff then goes up top tot he opposite corner and hits a Swanton Bomb to Foley. Finally, the last 2 minute period comes to an end and "Super Mex" Hernandez enters the match.

Hernandez enters the match with a lot of energy and hammering everybody in sight. Hernandez soon grabs Jeff and just throws Jeff head and face first into the cage wall very violently. With Jeff in-between the ring ropes and cage, Hernandez whips off the ropes and hits a huge splash to Jeff into the steel cage.

After Hernandex splashing Jeff into the cage, Matt comes in from behind and tries to hit a Twist of Fate to Hernandez but Hernandez counters and shoves Matt into Homicide and Homicides hits the Gringo Killer to Matt. Homicide attempts the pin but Christian breaks it up.

Hernandez then grabs Christian and Border Tosses Christian into the the cage wall. Edge comes from behind and hits a low blow to Hernandez followed by an Edgeacution to Hernandez. Edge then gets ready to spear Foley again and as Edge runs to spear Foley, Joe comes in and kicks Edge in the face.

Joe then locks in the Kokita Clutch to Edge and after a 41 seconds in the Clutch Edge taps out and Joe picks up the victory for his team. After the match, the referee comes in and unhand cuffs Foley. Foley then goes outside and brings in a 2x4 wrapped in barbed wire from under the ring.

And when Edge stands to his feet Foley lays Edge back out after a violent shot from the barbed wire 2x4. Foley then leaves the War Games cage and smiles with his tongue twist while staring back at Edge bloody and laid out in the ring.


Match No. 5

10 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match

AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Team 3D, and Bobby Lashley vs. Randy Orton, Ted Dibiase, Cody Rhodes, Big Show, & Umaga

Unlike the previous Survivor Series match where Evan Bourne's X-Division Title was on the line, AJ Styles' TNA World Title isn't up for grabs here in this match. After AJ's entire team made their entrances, AJ along with Team 3D, Lashley, and Daniels doesn't wait for Randy Orton and his team to make it to the ring.

Instead they beat Orton along with Dibiase, Rhodes, Big Show, and Umaga in the aisle way and just has a big brawl right there before the the bell officially rings. After a big brawl in the aisle way, the Big Show grabs Daniels and tosses him back first into the steel ring post and then throws Daniels in the ring. After the Big Show enters the ring the bell finally rings.

Big Show begins to toy with Daniels for a few seconds. As the Big Show lifts Daniels up for the chokeslam, Lashley comes in a hits a thundering spear on the Big Show while Daniels is in the air. After the spear and with Big Show laid out on the mat, Daniels goes up top and hits the Best Moonsault Ever to Show. After a double pin by Daniels and Lashley the Big Show is counted out and eliminated.

Meanwhile after the elimination of the Big Show, the big brawl between the two teams are still happening on the outside. While Orton, Styles, Daniels, Lashley, & Umaga fighting in the aisle way, Team 3D and Dibiase and Rhodes are fighting on the opposite of the ring near the announce tables.

After Bubbah Ray tosses Rhodes over the announce table, DeVon and Bubbah Ray hits the 3D to Dibiase on the floor on the outside. After 3D-ing Dibiase on the floor, DeVon and Bubbah Ray grabs Cody Rhodes and tosses him back into the ring. With the ref distracted by the chaos in the aisle way, Bubbah Ray sets Rhodes up and DeVon scores with the Wazzz Up on Rhodes.

After hitting the Wazzz Up, Bubbah Ray shoves DeVon and screams at him "DeVon! Get the Tables!" After DeVon went outside to bring in a table, Bubbah Ray and DeVon sets the table up in the ring. When Rhodes gets up to his feet and as he turns around, DeVon lifts Rhodes and 3D's him through the table.

After throwing the pieces of the broken table to the outside, DeVon grabs the ref and counts the shoulders of Rhodes after the pin attempt by Bubbah Ray for the second elimination. The match is now to 5 on 3 in Styles' advantage.

Right after the elimination of Rhodes, Orton sneaks into the ring and hits a sudden RKO to DeVon out of nowhere for the elimination. After the eliminations of Rhodes, Big Show, & DeVon, things start to cool down and begins to become a stationary, balanced, traditional tag team match.

Orton and Bubbah Ray resumes the match with Lashley, Daniels, Styles along with Umaga & Dibiase in their own respective corners. Orton begins to take control of the match and begins to work on the leg of Bubbah Ray. After working on the leg of Bubbah, Orton locks in a figure four leg lock to Bubbah Ray.

After a couple of seconds in the figure four, Bubbah is able to roll over Orton to reverse the pressure on Orton. Both is able to make it to the ropes though. After making it to the ropes, Bubbah Ray tags in Lashley. After Orton realizes he is in the ring with Lashley, Orton tags in Umaga.

Lashley and Umaga has a face to face stare down but when Umaga slaps his chest and screams like a crazy Samoan that he is, Lashley and Umaga begin to slug it out. After reversing Umaga off the ropes, Lashley hits Umaga with a powreslam followed by a cover attempt but Umaga kicks out.

Lashley then gets up and goes into a corner to hit Umaga with a running spear. As Lashley tries to deliver a spear, Umaga moves out of the way and Lashley hits head first intot he second turnbuckle. Umaga then scores with a thundering Samoan Drop to Lashley after the missed spear. Umaga attempts the pin but Lashley kicks out.

When Lashley stands to his feet, Umaga scores with a side kick to the jaw of Lashley and as Lashley leans back into the ropes, Umaga hits a side belly to belly suplex on Lashley. Umaga then goes up on the second rope and drops a headbutt to Lashley. Umaga goes for the pin but Lashley kicks out.

Umaga then picks up Lashley to hit the Samoan Spike but as Umaga attempts to hit the Samoan Spike on Lashley, Lashley ducks the spike, whips off the ropes, and scores with a spear to Umaga. Lashley so weak for a pin attempt now so instead he makes the tag to AJ Styles.

When Umaga stands to his feet, AJ jumps onto the top rope and as he leaps off the hit a forearm smash to Umaga, Umaga counters AJ with Samoan Spike to the throat of AJ right out of mid-air! Umaga attempts a pin but somehow AJ is able to get a shoulder up.

Umaga then drags AJ to a corner and sits him against the bottom turnbuckle. Umaga then steps back to deliver that running back thumb of his. As Umaga tries to destroy AJ in the corner, AJ rolls out of the way and Umaga hits back first into the turnbuckles which shakes the whole ring due to the impact.

AJ then rebounds back with the Pele Kick to Umaga. AJ then tags in Daniels and Daniels scores with the BME to Umaga. After scoring with the BME, Daniels tags in Lashley. Lashley comes in and when Umaga gets up, Lashley scores with a Dominator to Umaga for the pin and elimination.

After the elimination of Umaga, Lashley tags in Daniels to face Dibiase. Daniels and Dibiase puts on a very good back and forth match up for about 8 minutes while they're in there gainst one another. After the 8 minutes of battling, Daniels is finally to scoop slam Dibiase to the mat to go up top top deliver the BME.

As Daniels leaps off to hit the BME, Dibiase rolls out of the way and Daniels hit nothing but ring canvas. When Dnaiels stand his feet, Dibiase comes in behind Daniels and hits a back suplex on Daniels. Dibisse then gets a shoulder on Daniels for a pin but Daniels gets a shoulder up after a long 2 count.

After the long 2 count, Dibiase and Daniels begin to crawl to their corners to make a tag. Dibiase makes the tag to Orton and Daniels is able to make the tag to Bubbah Ray.

Bubbah Ray comes in and score with hard right fists straight to Orton. Orton though is able to duck a right fist of Bubbah Ray and tries to go for a RKO to Bubbah to Bubbah blocks the RKO and hits the Bubbah Bomb on Orton.

Bubbah goes for the pin but Orton kicks out. When Orton stands up, Bubbah ray tries to kcik Orton in the gut but Orton blocks the kick and spins around Bubbah but when Bubbah spins around he tries to clothesline Orton but Orton ducks the clothesline and hits Bubbah Ray with a RKO. Orton gets the pin and the elimination on Bubbah Ray.

After Bubbah Ray was eliminated, Orton and AJ begin to fight.

After fighting in the ring for about four minutes in the ring, AJ back drops Orton over the top rope and Orton falls to the outside. AJ then whips off the ropes and hits a front flip dive over the top rope and hits Orton on the outside.

AJ then grabs Orton and slams his head into the barricade wall. AJ then rolls Orton back into the ring. AJ attempts the pin back in the ring but Orton kicks out. As Orton stands up, AJ tries to hit Orton with a right fist but Orton blocks the fist and scores with the inverted back neckbreaker on AJ. Orton goes for the pin but AJ kicks out.

With AJ still laid out on the mat, Orton gets poised to deliver a RKO to Styles. When AJ stands up, Orton attempts the RKO but AJ counters the RKO and scores with the Pele Kick to Orton which sails Orton to the outside. With Orton on the outside, AJ leaps onto the top rope and scores with a cross body to Orton on the outside from the top rope.

AJ then clears off an announce table after scoring with the cross body. After clearing off the announce table, AJ grabs Orton and throws him on top of the table. When AJ hops on the table he tries to pick up Orton but Orton counters AJ and hits AJ with a RKO on the table which does not break.

AJ then just falls off the table in-between the table and the barricade wall. After the count of 4, Orton makes it into the ring. AJ begins to move at the count of 6 but is unable to make it in the ring before the count of 10 so therefore AJ becomes counted out and eliminated.

As Orton stares down the beaten body of AJ from inside the ring, Daniels comes in and hits Orton from behind in the back. Daniels begins to hammer on the lower back of Orton with vicious forearm shots followed by a dropkick to Orton's back in the corner.

After dropkicking Orton in the corner, Daniels places Orton back first on the top turnbuckle. While on the top turnbuckle, Daniels hits a back suplex on Orton from the top rope. Daniels goes for the cover but Orton kicks out. When Orton stands up, Daniels clotheslines Orton over the top rope to the outside.

With Orton on the outside, Daniels gets onto the apron of the ring and hits a clothesline to Orton off the apron on the outside. After scoring with the clothesline, Daniels picks Orton up and irish whips him ino the steel steps but Orton reverses Daniels and Daniels smashes into the steel steps.

Orton then grabs Daniels and throws him back into the ring. Orton goes for the pin on Daniels in the ring but Daniels kicks out. Orton then tags in DiBiase and they perform a double suplex on Daniels. Dibiase attempts another cover but Daniels is able to get a shoulder up still.

Dibiase then grabs Daniels and places him on the top turnbuckle. As Dibiase tries to suplex Daniels off the top rope, Daniels fights DiBiase off and suplexes Dibiase off the top rope face first to the ring mat. With Dibiase laid flat on the mat, Daniels stands up on the top turnbuckle and hits the BME to DiBiase.

Daniels goes for the pin right away but Dibiase is able to get a foot on the bottom rope. When Dibiase stands to his feet, Daniels tries to hit a back suplex on Dibiase but Dibiase counters over Daniels and applies his father's Million Dollar Dream onto Daniels. After a minute and eleven seconds in the Million Dollar Dream, Daniels loses consciousness and falls asleep.

The ref then comes over to check the arm of Daniels. The arm falls two times but Daniels is able to fight back and with help from the turnbuckles, Daniels is able to roll Dibiase up for the pin and the elimination. After being eliminated , Dibiase distracts the referee to allow Orton to hit a low blow on Daniels followed by a RKO. Orton gets the pin and eliminates Daniels. The match is now down to Lashley and Orton.

Lashley and Otron begins to dish it out. When Orton gets the upper hand, he tries to hit the RKO to Lashley but Lashley counters Orton and throws Orton over the top rope to the outside and Orton just rolls and smashes into the steel barricade wall.

Lashley follows to the outside and begins to hammer on Orton in the corner of the barricade wall. Lashley then lifts Orton up and tosses Orton chest first onto the steel barricade wall. Lashley then throws Orton back into the ring.

Back in the ring, Lashley lifts Orton on his shoulders and hits a running powerslam to Orton. Lashley attempts the pin but somehow Orton gets a shoulder up. When Orton stands up, he and Lashley begin to trade fists. Orton is able to kick Lashley in the gut and hits a DDT to Lashley.

Orton goes for a pin but Lashley kicks out. After the DDT, Orton gets poise to deliver a punt to Lashley. When Lashley gets on his his and knees, Orton runs to punt Lashley head but Lashley side steps the kicks, then whips off the rope to hit Orton with a spear but Orton moves out of the way and Lashley spears the heck out of the referee.

And then as Lashley turns around after spearing the ref, Orton hits a sudden RKO to Lashley. Orton goes for the pin but the referee is knocked out.

As Orton tries to wake up the ref, AJ Styles comes down to the ring with a steel chair and smashes Orton in the head with the chair followed by the Styles Clash. Lashley then gets up, grabs Orton, and hits the Dominator to Orton.

AJ is able to wake up the ref and when Lashley goes for the pin on Orton, Orton surprisingly gets a shoulder up after a very long two count. When Orton gets up, AJ gets up on the apron and has words with Orton.

Meanwhile Lashley gets in position to deliver the spear on Orton but Orton moves out of the way and Lashley hits AJ and AJ falls off the apron. Orton attempts the RKO on Lashley but Lashley counters Orton and hits another hard Dominator on Orton. Lashley the gets the pin for the final elimination to win the match for his team.


Match No. 6

WCW Classic War Games Match

Undertaker, Triple H, Chris Jericho, and Kane vs. Sting, Kurt Angle, Booker T, and Kevin Nash

Jericho and Angle were the two men to start the match for their teams. Angle and Jericho has a back and forth, technical, ground bases match up for about the first two minutes of the 5 minute period.

After hitting the three German suplexes on Jericho, Angle takes down his straps and goes up top on the top turnbuckle to deliver a moonsault. As Angle leaps off to hit the moonsault, Jericho gets his knees up to counter Angle's moonsault. With Angle holding his ribs on the mat, Jericho runs and spring boards off the second rope to hit the Lionsault on Angle but Angle moves but Jericho is able to land on his feet.

Angle then tries to hit the Olympic Slam on Jericho but Jericho counters out and tries to lock on the Walls of Jericho to Angle. But Angle fights Jericho off and shoves Jericho back and head first into the cage. Angle then gets to his feet, grabs Jericho, and violently just throws Jericho face first into the caged wall. Jericho begins to bleed now.

After busting open Jericho, Angle mounts Jericho begins to hit Jericho in the face with vicious forearm shots. Angle then picks Jericho up and begins to grind Jericho's face into the cage. Angle then hits an over head belly to belly suplex on the bloody Jericho. As Angle tries to hit another belly to belly suplex, Jericho fights Angle off with straight right fists to Angle.

Jericho then whips Angle off the ropes and hits a back drop to Angle followed by an enzuigiri when Angle stands up. Jericho then moves up top tot he top turnbuckle. Angle then gets up, runs, and hits a thundering belly to belly suplex on Jericho from the top rope. After the suplex from the top rope, the 5 minute period comes to an end and Booker T enters the match next.

Booker T comes in and hits Jericho with a side cressing kick. Booker T then picks up Jericho and deliver chops and fury punches to Jericho followed by a spinning heel kick. Booker T then gets on his knees and does his Spinarooni. Jericho though, is able to get up and hits the Codebreaker on Booker T.

Although, Angle comes in from behind and hits Jericho in the back. Angle then locks in his hands around the waist of Jericho and hits a hard German suplex to Jericho and Jericho smashes back, neck, and head first into the steel cage wall.

With Jericho in-between the ring ropes and the cage, Angle grabs Jericho and slams the back of Jericho's head into the cage three violent times. Angle then suplexes Jericho over the top rope in-between the cage and ropes onto the ring mat.

Meanwhile, Booker T gets up on the top rope and hits the Houston Hangover on Jericho. After Booker T scored with the Houston Hangover, the first 2 minute period comes to an end and "Big Daddy Cool" Kevin Nash enters the match next. Nash comes in and just begins to pumble Jericho.

Just throwing Jericho into the cage walls right and left. Nash then lifts Jericho on his shoulders and rams the bloody face of Jericho into the cage wall. Nash then bends Jericho over and hits the Jacknife Powerbomb to Jericho in the middle of the ring.

When Jericho gets up, Booker T comes over and kicks Jericho in the gut and then hits the Scissors Kick to Jericho. After a couple of seconds Jericho stands up again Angle comes in from behind and scores with an Olympic Slam on Jericho. After the Slam on Jericho, the second 2 minute time periods closes and the "Big Red Machine" Kane enters the match next.

Kane comes in and saves Jericho from the Main Event Mafia beating. Kane throws Booker T into the cage and then hits Angle with a side walk slam. Nash though comes in, kick Kane in the gut, and bends Kane over to hit the Jacknife but Kane counters and backdrops Nash over. Kane then grabs the throat of Nash to deliver a chokeslam but Angle comes in and hits Kane with a low blow.

With help from Booker T, Angle and Booker T hard irish whips Kane into the cage wall face and chest first. Booker T and Angle begins to deliver fists to Kane but Kane blocks the fists and Kanes the throats of Angle and Booker T. Before Kane can double chokeslam Angle and Booker T, Nash counters and hits Kane with a big boot.

Nash is then able to hit the Jacknife Powerbomb on Kane. However, the third 2 minute time period comes to an end and "The Game" Tripel H enters the match next but he brings with him a sledgehammer.

Triple H comes in and hits Nash in the gut with the sledgehammer, then hits Booker T in the back with it, and then hits Angle in the head with the sledgehammer which bust opens Angle and Angle starts to bleed. With Booker T laid out because of the sledgehammer, Jericho gets up and hits the Lionsault on Booker T. Kane is then able to get up as well and hits a big boot to the bloody face of Angle into the cage wall.

Kane then beats the face of Angle into the cage. Meanwhile, Triple H begins to kick the knees of Nash. After working on the knees of Nash, Triple H locks in the Indian Death Lock onto Nash. While having the Indian Detah Lock on Nash, the fourth 2 minute period ends and the "Icon" Sting's musics comes on for his arrival to the match.

When Triple H sees the new WWE Champion making his way to the match, Triple H releases the hold and leaves the caged ring to meet Sting on the outside.

Sting and Triple H begin to brawl it out in aisle way. Triple H then whips Sting into the side of the cage followed by a hard clothesline to Sting on the outside. Triple H then picks Sting up to deliver a Pedigree on the floor but Sting counters Triple H and catapults Triple H into the side of the cage which lacerates Triple H and the Game begins to bleed now. Sting then grabs the bloody Game and throws him back into the caged ring.

With Triple H in the corner, Sting mounts Triple H and delivers 10 right fists to the head of Triple H. With Triple H still leaned up in the corner, Sting steps back and hits a Stinger Splash to Triple H in the corner. Sting then drops Triple H to lock in the Scorpion Death Lock but Jericho comes from behind and drop kicks Sting in the back.

Booker T then comes in and hits the Book End to Jericho. But then the lights goes off in the arena and you hear the start of the Undertaker's music signally the final 2 minute period is up. Undertaker comes in and hits a chokeslam to Booker T right out of the gate. Undertaker then grabs Angle and throws Angle into the cage.

Undertaker and Kane then grabs the throat of Nash and hits a double chokeslam to Nash. Undertaker goes for the pin but Sting breaks up the count.

Angle is then able to get up and he hits an Olympic Slam to Kane. Angle goes for the pin but Undertaker interrupts the count. Undertaker then lifts Angle up for the Tombstone but Angle wiggles out and Angle locks in the Ankle Lock to Undertaker.

Before Angle can make Undertaker tap, Jericho kicks Angle on the gut and hits a Codebreaker to Angle. As Undertaker gets up from the Ankle Lock, Booker T whips off the ropes and hits a Scissors Kick to the Deadman. Before Booker T can attempt the pin, Triple H kicks Booker T in the gut followed by a Pedigree to Booker T.

The when Sting gets to his feet, Triple H kicks Sting in the gut to try to deliver a Pedigree. But before Triple H can deliver the Pedigree, Angle gets up, grabs the sledgehammer, and hits Triple H in the back with the sledgehammer. Sting then gets revived and hits the Scorpion Death Drop on Triple H. Sting is then able to get the pin on Triple H to get the win for his team in the War Games match.

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