Cowboys' Draft: The Rah Rah Factor

CowboysPrideContributor IApril 27, 2009

Do Cowboys fans have anything to cheer about?

The NFL Draft is now in the books, and it, to me, is just another sad chapter in the ongoing saga of the franchise. I'm thinking of googling over to and ordering up some crap-proof clothing as we're sure to see a bunch of that stuff coming our way in the season ahead. I shudder to think about what comments we will have to endure from our NFC East counterparts in cyberspace.

We did not trade-up in this draft to secure anyone that would fill any of our glaring needs. With all of the picks we had, we could have bundled several of them together and selected a player or two to help out this season. Who needs all those picks anyway? Jerry saw fit to actually trade down! This says volumes about his foresight and where "HE" thinks this franchise is in competition for a playoff spot this coming season. Does anyone else think he is looking through rose-colored glasses?

Do Cowboys fans have anything to cheer about?

Free Agency came and went. Well, mostly went. T.O. is gone, along with Chris Canty, Pacman, and Kevin Burnett. Parcells (Miami) is still "picking our bones" for any bits of meat left to be found there. At least we got a backup quarterback. Rah Rah.....

We still don't have a real football General Manager. Or a coach that has ever won a playoff game...not that I think we'll be participating in this year's playoffs. Will this next summer camp be known as "Camp Cupcake II?"

Do Cowboys fans have anything to cheer about?

Well, there "IS" the new stadium....

Has anybody checked the plumbing in the restrooms there?