5 Possible Secret Admirers for WWE Divas' Champion Kaitlyn

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5 Possible Secret Admirers for WWE Divas' Champion Kaitlyn

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    WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn has been receiving flowers and notes from someone claiming to be her secret admirer. At the same time, she has a new No. 1 contender for her Divas title in the crazy and unpredictable AJ Lee.

    Kaitlyn’s secret admirer could be AJ herself or someone associated with her like Dolph Ziggler or Big E Langston. Then again, Cody Rhodes showed interest in Kaitlyn a few months ago.

    However, after the Bella Twins began their association with Team Rhodes Scholars, Cody’s interest was never mentioned again.

    Could Rhodes’ admiration for Kaitlyn be returning to WWE TV? Who is Kaitlyn’s secret admirer?

    Here are five possible secret admirers for WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn and why he (or she) may be showing interest in the Diva.

Cody Rhodes

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    Cody Rhodes was previously interested in Kaitlyn, but after the Bella Twins united with Team Rhodes Scholars against Tons of Funk and the Funkadactyls, the angle was dropped.

    There have been a number of occasions when WWE has begun an angle and then dropped it, but Rhodes’ interest in Kaitlyn could be reignited in this secret-admirer situation.

    Rhodes and Damien Sandow continue to work in the tag team division, but Cody has been wrestling singles matches as well. By pursuing Kaitlyn again, Rhodes could be secretly trying to move away from Sandow.

    This could lead to another break-up of Team Rhodes Scholars, but a more permanent one. Both Rhodes and Sandow have the skills and potential to be great singles stars. However, the abundance of midcard heels has left the two stuck in a weak tag team division.

Damien Sandow

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    Perhaps the Intellectual Savior of the Masses is secretly pursuing Kaitlyn himself so his best friend doesn’t find out.

    Damien Sandow also has a ton of potential due to his incredible mic skills and in-ring abilities. Sandow’s character seems unlikely to be pursuing Kaitlyn, though. Sandow is a great heel, while Kaitlyn is a babyface.

    Sandow should not be turning face anytime soon, if at all. He receives a lot of heat as a heel and therefore, the combination wouldn’t work.

    The only way Sandow and Kaitlyn would work is to turn Cody Rhodes face and force a feud over Kaitlyn's affection.

AJ Lee

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    While a member of Team Rhodes Scholars could be Kaitlyn’s secret admirer, Team Ziggler’s AJ Lee is the one feuding with the Divas champion right now.

    Therefore, a likely scenario could include AJ fooling Kaitlyn by pretending to be a secret admirer of hers. AJ is most likely going to be Divas champion by defeating Kaitlyn at some point and causing a distraction would help her do so.

    If Kaitlyn is focused on whom her secret admirer is, AJ could use it to her advantage. When AJ and Kaitlyn finally square off for the title, someone could enter ringside with flowers and a note for Kaitlyn. They would insist on giving it to her during the match, making quite the diversion.

    This would allow AJ to roll up Kaitlyn for the win and be crowned the Divas champion.

Dolph Ziggler

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    Another scenario and possible secret admirer for WWE Divas champion Kaitlyn wouldn’t be AJ, but her boyfriend Dolph Ziggler.

    Ziggler could be assisting his girlfriend AJ in a similar scenario as discussed before. During AJ and Kaitlyn’s match, Ziggler could leave and return with flowers. He would reveal himself to be the secret admirer and cause the distraction AJ needs to win.

    Then again, Ziggler is more of the type to stealing someone else’s girlfriend. He is probably not the secret admirer, but his relationship with AJ makes him a possible and realistic candidate.

Big E Langston

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    Other than Cody Rhodes, Big E Langston may be the most likely candidate to be Kaitlyn’s secret admirer. He has a connection to Kaitlyn’s enemy AJ, but is not in a relationship with her like Dolph Ziggler.

    AJ is the reason Big E Langston is on the main roster. He first appeared as her bodyguard when she was feuding with current WWE champion John Cena. Langston owes AJ big time and is always there to support her and help fight to protect her.

    Langston as Kaitlyn’s secret admirer is the most intriguing since it could either be a real admiration for the Divas champion or a trick. If it is indeed a trick, Langston revealing himself as Kaitlyn’s admirer could be done in a similar situation as discussed numerous times in this article.

    However, Langston's admiration could be real and done to break Langston away from AJ and Dolph Ziggler. The World Heavyweight Champion has recently been teasing an eventual break-up with Langston.

    For example, Ziggler told Langston to leave when he was being affectionate with AJ. Langston could be secretly falling for Kaitlyn and eventually feud with Ziggler and AJ two on two.


    Who do you think is WWE Divas Champion Kaitlyn’s secret admirer? Please share who you think it is and your thoughts on my possible candidates in the section below.

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