Herschel Walker's Nephew Milan Richard Names Top 4, Doesn't Include Georgia

Randy ChambersAnalyst IMay 6, 2013

Credit: 247Sports
Credit: 247Sports

It looks like the Georgia Bulldogs won't be able to keep it in the family. Milan Richard, nephew of the legendary Herschel Walker, won't be taking his talents to Georgia.

According to Kipp Adams of ESPN (paid link), Richard has revealed the date he will make his announcement and the teams he is considering. Unfortunately for Georgia, Richard said the Bulldogs aren't one of the four that made the list.

I will commit June 4 to Clemson, South Carolina, Ole Miss or Vanderbilt. It is a good day to commit because it is a month away, school will be out and I will have time to take two or three more trips to really finalize where I want to go. Everyone is committing early now, so I realized that I need to because of numbers and really so I can recruit for my school.

Richard is a 4-star tight end and defensive end, according to 247Sports. Per the Adams report, Richard ruled out Georgia because of its decision to accept a commitment from tight end Jeb Blazevich. That choice, Richard said, forced him to consider other schools.

It is not that me and Georgia are going our separate ways. It is just that they were going to take one guy, and Jeb and I knew what the situation was. He was ready to decide before I was, and I know we each had an equal chance at that spot. They got a great one and as of now they are only taking one right now so as of now that door is closed.

Walker was one of the all-time great college football players as a running back at Georgia. He was a consensus All-American three times, won the Heisman in 1982 and helped the school win a national title in 1980.

Richard made an unofficial visit to Georgia on Sept. 29 and was considering the school, according to his 247Sports interest page. Bleacher Report's Andrew Kulha thought it was close to a slam dunk that Richard was going to follow in his uncle's footsteps. 

He fooled us all.

The only thing Georgia fans can hope for is that the young man or Georgia has a change of heart. With nearly a month before he plans to make his official announcement, a lot can change. It only takes one person to get in his ear or one phone call from a coach to blow everything up.

Either way, at this point, it looks like Richard won't become a Bulldog, and the Walker bloodlines in Athens will come to an end.