Mayweather vs. Guerrero Round by Round: Breaking Down Key Moments in Money's Win

Dan Talintyre@@dantalintyreSenior Analyst IIMay 6, 2013

LAS VEGAS, NV - MAY 04:  Floyd Mayweather Jr. (L) throws a left at Robert Guerrero during the fifth round of their WBC welterweight title bout at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 4, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather won by unanimous decision.  (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Floyd "Money" Mayweather didn't really get out of second gear against Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero on Saturday night—chalking up an impressive unanimous decision victory to defend his WBC Welterweight title in front of a packed Las Vegas crowd.

Having had nearly 12 months away from the ring, Money May showed no signs of ring rust en route to a commanding win, with his blistering counterattack and elusiveness in defense hallmarks of the win.

Guerrero did try to challenge the superstar, and kept the scoreline respectable with some nice shots of his own. However, in the end, he was merely another formality for Mayweather in successfully defending title and proving himself to be one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world.

What were the key moments for Money May in the dominant win? Read on for a round-by-round breakdown of this WBC Welterweight title fight and find out.

(Note: key rounds are highlighted in italics.)

Round 1

A tentative start from both fighters, with both really just trying to get a feel for each other. Mayweather staying very close to the center of the ring—forcing Guerrero to do most of the work and drawing him in to a wayward punch or two, which then opens up a quick right jab for Money May.

Very close, but very little action. Perhaps edge to Mayweather.

Round 2

More of the same from Mayweather, who appears content at this stage to suss out what his opponent is going to do. Guerrero lands a nice right, and Mayweather counters that with some jabs of his own, but it's been a very controlled, if not timid, start from the champion.

This was Guerrero's round, but it's still a very close fight so far. Mayweather is not giving up any insight into his game plan, allowing Ghost to make all of the movement and running so far.

Round 3: Mayweather starts to take control

After sitting dormant for the first two rounds, Mayweather starts to open himself up a bit more and throw some punches of his own, and takes a clear lead in this one.

In particular, his right started to find its mark, and it shows Guerrero's vulnerability to a quick jab—something which Mayweather would go on to employ for a great deal of this title fight, particularly in the middle rounds as the Ghost started to tire.

Round 4

Probably the best punch of the night so far as Mayweather's right again catches Guerrero off guard—landing a commanding blow to Ghost's head, which he then follows up with some more clean shots. Money May is showing that he has too much speed for the 30-year-old Guerrero here, and it's his straight right that's doing all of the damage in this fight so far.

Guerrero tries to respond by getting Money May on the ropes, but May's defense is too strong, and he soon takes control back in the middle of the ring to end the round.

Mayweather is definitely in front on all scorecards by now.

Round 5

This was a relatively quiet round from both fighters after the clean shots of the fourth round, with both simply jabbing at their opponent and trying to break the other down.

Guerrero finds some success with his left, but Mayweather's straight is causing him serious problems—breaking through his defense several times here.

Ghost is swinging but they aren't landing so far. Mayweather leads.

Round 6: Mayweather tries to step it up, but Guerrero responds

An interesting round here that sees Money May try to up the tempo, but Guerrero sticks with him. Ghost isn't landing any punches, but he's not allowing Mayweather to get the looks that he wanted here as he tried to press home an early advantage.

Guerrero desperately trying to get something on Mayweather—head or body shots—but neither are working. Money May's defense is very strong, but his offense isn't clicking just yet. Ghost is doing a good job of covering up that straight right as best he can, and keeping this one relatively close.

Round 7

Quiet round again from both fighters, with lots of action along the ropes. Guerrero getting some words from the referee—mostly to watch the head—but can't seem to get past the Mayweather defense, despite his determination. Mayweather looking composed.

Round 8: Mayweather cuts Guerrero, starts to pull away

Probably the best round of the night as Mayweather really starts to up the tempo here—playing the aggressor and cutting Guerrero above his right eye.

Money May's right jab is causing havoc for the 30-year-old Ghost, and whilst Guerrero is desperately trying to defend, he just doesn't have the answers here. Mayweather landing body shots, a nice left hook and then finishes the round in dominant fashion with some strong rights that have Ghost reeling.

Round 9

A nice attempted recovery from Guerrero here, who is trying to be aggressive against Mayweather after being dominated last round. Only problem is, against the elusiveness and control that Money May has in defense, it's not really helping him landing anything substantial on the champion.

Guerrero draws a little blood from Mayweather's nose, but Money's right is strong enough to keep Ghost on the back foot until the end of the round. Have to say that Ghost won that round, but still comfortably behind Mayweather in terms of overall standing.

Round 10

Guerrero starting to look frustrated here as he can't get off the ropes against Mayweather. Wants to try and take the fight to the 36-year-old and test out his fitness levels but can't—he's done too much work himself up until this point and is struggling against an impregnable Mayweather defense.

Round 11

Mayweather definitely in control here but not going for the kill. Lands a nice combination against Guerrero that seemingly gives him a big enough lead here that he can take this one to the bank.

Guerrero looking for the KO to give him a shock win here, but can't seem to land anything against Mayweather's defensive brilliance. Story of the night.

Round 12: Mayweather retains WBC Welterweight Title

Crowd not looking for Mayweather to dance around in this one; they want to see some action from the reigning champion, and they haven't been given a lot to cheer for here.

Guerrero trying desperately in a helpless situation, but there's little doubting the winner here. Mayweather has been almost untouchable in defense, and has held the upper hand over Guerrero's defense, who hasn't coped with his straight right all fight.

Some nice blows by Mayweather right before the bell confirm the inevitable.

Floyd Mayweather wins via unanimous decision (117-111, 117-111, 117-111)

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