2009 Bahrain GP: Reality Check

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2009 Bahrain GP: Reality Check

I really should have started this going from the Australian GP, but oh well, better late than never. Basically this is how it works: I award or minus points for the various highlights of each Grand Prix, based on their entertainment (or lack of) entertainment value.

Here goes:

  • Bernie Ecclestone + Santander boss in red jackets on the grid. Minus 20. Urgh, my eyes!
  • Mad scramble at the 1st corner + many clipped front wings. Plus 10, this is always good.
  • Felipe Massa making contact with Kimi Raikkonen. Plus 2, because the Ferrari garage must have stopped breathing for 2 seconds.
  • Toyota tyre strategy. Minus 5. Which part from practice + qualifying did they not understand the medium tyre is way slower?
  • Hamilton vs Vettel, Piquet vs Webber, Raikkonen vs Glock. Plus 2. Hey, KERS is useful!
  • Rubens Barrichello 3-stop strategy. Minus 1, drama, but didn't really work.
  • Jenson Button winning. Plus 10, well-fought victory.
  • Jenson Button screaming on team radio after winning. Plus 1 for enthusiasm, minus 5 for damage to my ears.
  • Giant sigh of relief from Ferrari as Kimi Raikkonen scores the 1st 3 points for the season. Plus 3, cos the situation is sadly amusing.
  • Nelson Piquet + Adrian Sutil not crashing. Plus 2.
  • Bahrain Special: No Champagne! Minus 5.
  • Richard Branson hanging in Brawn GP's garage. Minus 3. Alright, we geddit, you're their sponsor!

Feel free to add your own... Will be back for more in Spain. Cheers!

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