Mayweather vs. Guerrero: Biggest Takeaways from Welterweight Fight

Rob GoldbergFeatured ColumnistMay 5, 2013

The highly anticipated matchup between Floyd Mayweather and Robert Guerrero is now over, so it is time to reflect on what we have learned.

Money earned a well-deserved victory by unanimous decision over Guerrero and retained the welterweight championship. According to Chris Mannix of Sports Illustrated, each judge scored it the same way:

While the 117-111 final means that the Ghost at least battled for a few rounds, the fight was never truly close, and there was little debate as to who was the victor when the final bell rang.

Still, there are plenty of things to take away from this 12-round bout.


Floyd Mayweather Does Not Believe in Rust

One of the biggest question marks heading into this matchup was whether a long layoff would affect Mayweather's performance. The best pound-for-pound fighter in the world had not competed since May 5, 2012 when he defeated Miguel Cotto.

Combining this long stretch with the fact that he is now 36 years old, it would not be surprising to see the competitor a bit slower than usual.

However, it was obvious from the very beginning of the fight that he was just as good as ever.

Mayweather was incredibly quick defensively and barely allowed Guerrero to get a hand on him throughout the fight. Anytime it seemed like his opponent was about to lay a big hit, he simply ducked out of the way to avoid it.

He was also impressive on the attack, as he landed an incredibly high number of power punches, according to Compubox:

The talented boxer was simply dominant, and it did not seem like he has missed a beat since his last fight.


Robert Guerrero Is Tough But Was Out-Classed on Saturday

Throughout his career, Guerrero has shown that he has what it takes to win a tough fight. He has a strong punch and a good enough chin to survive tough opponents.

Fighters do not build up a 31-1-1 record without having talent and a great deal of toughness.

This mental ability was evident in the bout against Mayweather as he kept coming hard throughout all 12 rounds. He refused to allow his opponent to end the fight early, and he should be proud to go the distance against such a talented foe.

That being said, Guerrero had virtually no chance to pull off this upset. He simply did not have enough speed or technique to stay with the champ, and there was no scorer in the country who gave him more than a few rounds.

We now know that the Ghost is a solid fighter, but he is not championship material, and he will never be in the same class as the top boxers around the world.


Floyd Mayweather Must Face Tougher Competition

It made sense for Mayweather to "ease his way back" after the long time off, but at this point, fans are getting a raw deal with these pay-per-view events.

If Showtime is going to charge about $70 for people to watch a fight, there might as well be some action. Instead, this was simply a 12-round display the best boxer in the world needing little effort to destroy his competition.

While Mayweather is still the biggest draw in the sport, it is time for him to face some legitimate competition to put that undefeated record to the test. This will not only please the fans, but it will truly allow people to rate him among great boxers in history.

For years, the matchup that people have wanted to see is Mayweather against Manny Pacquiao. However, that has lost momentum lately, especially with Pac-man losing his last two fights.

Instead, a great opponent would be Canelo Alvarez. Gary Parrish of CBS Sports previously talked about how well that bout would be received:

Although both sides will claim that it would be an easy victory, we will never know until we see it in the ring. For the sake of boxing fans, we hope that this eventually comes to fruition.