15 WWE Superstars and Their TV/Movie Counterparts

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15 WWE Superstars and Their TV/Movie Counterparts

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    WWE has always been home to some of the most colorful, over-the-top characters.

    Sometimes these characters are extensions of the real personalities of the people portraying them. Sometimes they are an original concept, and sometimes they are based on a character from pop culture.

    Sometimes with a gimmick, it is easy to draw a parallel to another character from film or television, and sometimes the connection isn't made until someone else points it out.

    This slideshow will look at some of today's WWE Superstars and their film and television counterparts.

    This slideshow is meant to provide a break from the usual array of news, spoilers and rumors. This is for entertainment purposes, so take this with a grain of salt.

Josh Mathews Is Milhouse

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    Josh Mathews is the youngest of the full-time announcers, and it sometimes feels like he is treated like the black sheep by his peers.

    This is common in the wrestling business. You work your way up the ranks to earn respect.

    For some reason, Mathews reminds me of Milhouse from The Simpsons. He is constantly trying to keep step with his peers, usually resulting in him being insulted and ridiculed.

    I like Josh Mathews, and someday he will be one of WWE's better commentators, but for now, it is kind of entertaining to watch JBL treat him like he used to treat Michael Cole.

JBL Is J. Jonah Jameson

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    JBL is loud, brash, cocky and entertaining as hell. There is only one character in recent years that seems to carry himself the same way JBL does, and that is J. Jonah Jameson.

    The cranky editor of The Daily Bugle is always trying to find a way to make Spiderman look bad while not knowing it is Peter Parker who is delivering him his front-page pictures week after week.

    In the original Spiderman trilogy (it still seems wrong it is being remade so soon), Jameson was one of the highlights of every film.

    The delivery of every line by actor J.K. Simmons was hilarious and absolutely perfect, much in the same way JBL is always on top of his game behind the commentary table.

    If they were looking to recast the role in the new trilogy, I would start a campaign to get JBL the part.

Michael Cole Is Al Borland

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    Michael Cole is good at his job and he works very hard to make sure everything goes the way it's supposed to without ever really being given the credit he deserves.

    One of the people in pop culture who best personifies these qualities is Al Borland, Tim's long-suffering assistant on Home Improvement.

    While Al might be more lovable than Michael Cole, there is no denying that both men suffer from being second fiddle to someone with a much bigger personality.

    In Cole's case, it's JBL.

John Cena Is Jim Belushi in Anything

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    Jim Belushi is one of those people who has done some really great things in the past, and you really want to like what he is doing today, but sometimes it is just too painful to watch.

    Remind you of anyone?

    At one time, John Cena would hit the stage and the fans would erupt. The pops were so deafening that the announcers would often have to wait for it to die down a bit before speaking.

    Nowadays, it is really a mystery as to what kind of reaction Cena will get in any given city.

    He can be booed out of the building, cheered like a hero and have reactions more split than those of a Cubs vs. White Sox game.

    By the way, Cubs rule!

Paul Heyman Is Ben Linus

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    WWE has seen its share of evil geniuses come and go, but few measure up to Paul Heyman in the deviousness department.

    When it comes to television's evil geniuses, Heyman is quite a lot like Ben Linus on Lost.

    Linus was cunning and well-spoken, but he often found himself on the end of a beating that left him battered and bruised.

    Sometimes he would even take the beating to serve a greater purpose, much like how we have seen Heyman put himself in harm's way to help a client win a match.

    If Paul Heyman is Ben Linus, does that make Vince McMahon Jacob or The Main in Black?

Hornswoggle Is Jar Jar Binks

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    Does anything really need to be explained about why Hornswoggle is the Jar Jar Binks of WWE?

    I didn't think so.

    And shame on anyone who expected Hornswoggle to be equated with an Ewok.

Khali Is Jaws

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    Jaws was a man who was over seven feet tall, had the jaw of an Easter Island statue and could move about as well as....well I guess an Easter Island statue works here, too.

    He also ended up turning from a villain into a good guy and landing a woman who was probably out of his league.

    This is almost an exact description of The Great Khali. Just sub "Khali" for "Jaws" and it is a perfect fit.

    If any director had the nerve to re-introduce a Bond villain like Jaws and they didn't at least consider Khali, then they should be fired on the spot.

Santino Is Gilligan

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    Santino is a funny guy, but he is often portrayed as a bumbling fool who is the butt of a joke.

    Shipwreck him with an eclectic group of people from the 1960s, and you have the Italian Bob Denver.

    Wait, was Bob Denver Italian?

    It doesn't matter. What matters is that Bob Denver was awesome as Gilligan because he threw himself completely into that role, and that is exactly what Santino does.

    I am not asking you to like Santino if you don't already, but you have to respect a man who has consistently puts his best effort forward while always being made to look like a buffoon.

    Rest in Peace, Bob "Gilligan" Denver.

Nikki and Brie Are Any Two of the Kardashians

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    The Bella twins are conceited, stereotypical mean girls who think they are so much better than everyone else.

    I have never met any of the Kardashian family, but the media portrays them much in the same way The Bella Twins are portrayed on WWE television.

    They are looked at as vapid, money-hungry, fame-starved attention-seekers who will do anything to get their name out there.

    Another link between them will be the upcoming reality show Total Divas, which will be airing on the same network as all the Kardashian shows.

    For all I know, the Kardashians are very nice people, but their public image is a little closer to what is portrayed by Nikki and Brie Bella than that of a nice, wholesome family.

Jim Ross Is Mr. Feeney

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    In the show Boy Meets World, there was one man who could always say the right thing. That man was Prinicipal Feeny, the neighbor and mentor to Corey Mathews.

    Jim Ross is a lot like Mr. Feeny. They both have an understated brilliance to what they say while maintaining the image of an everyday, down-to-earth man.

    Mr. Feeny might not be the BBQ master that good ole JR is, but they do share the trait of being beloved by those who grew up watching them.

CM Punk Is James 'Sawyer' Ford

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    The second Lost reference on the list goes to CM Punk, who is a pretty good match for the con man James "Sawyer" Ford.

    Sawyer was a man who knew exactly what he wanted at all times, and he was willing to do whatever needed to be done in order to get it.

    Even with a killer instinct, he managed to grow through the series and became a man of great strength and conviction.

    Few people blurred the lines between good and evil as well as Sawyer, and few wrestlers have done it as well as CM Punk.

    Both men also have a great sense of humor, which separates them from the more serious characters they share the screen with..

Heath Slater Is Budnick

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    Many kids' shows have come and gone, but few were as beloved as Salute Your Shorts.

    The show contained many memorable characters, but one sticks out as the most memorable. Bobby Budnick was the embodiment of every annoying bully we all knew growing up.

    Who else could this ginger menace match up with other than Heath Slater?

Bray Wyatt Is Max Cady

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    This is a comparison everyone is bound to make after the creepy promos for The Wyatt Family we have seen in recent weeks.

    The tropical shirt, white pants and demented personality are direct parallels between Bray Wyatt and Max Cady, but Wyatt will soon show everyone why he is his own character.

Brad Maddox Is Ryan Howard (not the Baseball Player)

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    Brad Maddox was a character designed to seem lazy and somewhat devious, but he's mostly just a drain on everything around him.

    He leeches off of Vickie Guerrero—that is, when he is on the show—and he seems to have no real idea about where he wants his career to go.

    The best representation of this character in film or television is Ryan Howard from The Office. Ryan was selfish, also lazy, but mostly harmless.

    They even have a similar sense of style.

Aksana Is Xenia Onnatop

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    This is a comparison I made on a recap a few weeks ago and felt it needed to be included here as well.

    Aksana is about as close to the Bond villain Xenia Onatopp as you can get.

    They both have incredible strength, which is masked by their beauty and charm, and they both have the kind of accent that can make a man fall under their spell.

    Thanks for reading. I hope this little slideshow helped break up the usual array of wrestling stories with a little bit of fun.

    If you have a comparison you feel should have been included, feel free to share it in the comments section.

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