Don Litzelman: Star at W. Genesee High and Geneseo, an Even Better Man, Update

Brian KinelCorrespondent IIIFebruary 16, 2017

Last year I wrote this article about the passing of my friend, former Geneseo State All-American attackman, Don Litzelman, a.k.a Phred. It’s time for an update on the progress we’ve made in our attempt to turn that terrible event into something positive. 

Shockingly, today, Cinco de Mayo, is the one-year anniversary of the trip that Andy, Dave, Mark and I took to visit Phred. I’m proud to say that in that time, we’ve done more than just talk.

The Don Litzelman Foundation not only exists, it’s thriving. We’ve received donations in excess of $3,200. We waited a bit before beginning the paperwork to become tax-exempt, but that process is underway.

As far as our objectives, nearly all of them are being met.

We’re very proud to congratulate Sam Thompson, the first winner of the Don Litzelman Award as Geneseo State’s attackman of the year. Sam led the Blue Knights this season with 29 goals.

Unfortunately we’re not able to provide any financial assistance to a Geneseo player due to NCAA regulations.

The Foundation is also proud to be awarding the Don Litzelman Award to the West Genesee Wildcat attackman of the year. We will also be awarding a $500 gift to a graduating West Genesee player.

The Foundation is very proud to have made donations to both the Dana Farber Institute-Cancer Research and to a fund to help victims of the Boston Marathon bombings.

The Don Litzelman Fantasy Lacrosse League is up and running. We’re planning on having our big annual get-together at Geneseo’s homecoming. This year that will be September 27-29.

That visit, while emotional and taxing, gave us the push needed to accomplish all of this. It brought a special group of guys back together to continue to stay close and accomplish some great things.

Most importantly, we’ve kept a very special man with us.

If you’re interested in more information on the Don Litzelman Foundation,  please let me know at We do have outstanding shirts available at a $20 donation. To everyone who has contributed, thank you very much.

No more talking. Just doing.

Thinking of you Phred.

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