Fantasy Baseball 2013: Full List of This Week's Two-Start Pitchers

Sam Stryker@sbstrykerContributor IIIMay 5, 2013

Fantasy Baseball 2013: Full List of This Week's Two-Start Pitchers

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    The monster that is the two-start pitcher is one of the ultimate tools for your fantasy baseball team.

    When used effectively, a two-start pitcher can cover up many of your fantasy squad’s flaws—or propel an already strong team onward to victory. 

    But beware, for not all two-start pitchers are created equal. Some, when not used properly, may cause more harm than good.

    The following is a list of this week’s two-start pitchers, broken into four categories of value.

    All probable matchups via CBS Sports Fantasy News.

The Aces

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    Cliff Lee, 5/6 at San Francisco, 5/11 at Arizona

    Madison Bumgarner, 5/6 vs. Philadelphia, 5/11 vs. Atlanta

    Jake Peavy, 5/6 Kansas City, 5/12 vs. Los Angeles Angels

    Hiroki Kuroda, 5/7 at Colorado, 5/12 at Kansas City

    James Shields, 5/6 Chicago White Sox, 5/11 New York Yankees

    Anibal Sanchez, 5/7 at Washington, 5/12 vs. Cleveland

    Clay Buchholz, 5/6 vs. Minnesota, 5/11 vs. Toronto

    Matt Harvey, 5/7 vs. Chicago White Sox, 5/12 vs. Pittsburgh


    These are your top-of-the-line starters who can provide major value. One caveat: Some of these pitchers, such as Lee and Bumgarner, are slated to square off against other aces in one of their two this week.

The Solid Starters, Part One

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    C.J. Wilson, 5/7 at Houston, 5/12 at Chicago White Sox

    Kris Medlen, 5/7 at Cincinnati, 5/12 at San Francisco

    Tim Lincecum, 5/7 vs. Philadelphia, 5/12 vs. Atlanta

    Trevor Cahill, 5/6 at Los Angeles Dodgers, 5/11 vs. Philadelphia

    Tommy Milone, 5/7 at Cleveland, 5/12 at Seattle

    Paul Maholm, 5/6 at Cincinnati, 5/11 at San Francisco

    Wei-Yin Chen, 5/7 at Kansas City, 5/12 at Minnesota

    Ryan Dempster, 5/7 vs. Minnesota, 5/12 vs. Toronto


    These guys may not be aces, but they're no chumps either. Comb through this list, and you may be able to find the type of No. 2 or No. 3 starter that can give you the value of an ace this week.

The Solid Starters, Part Two

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    Ervin Santana, 5/7 at Baltimore, 5/12 vs. New York Yankees

    Bronson Arroyo, 5/6 vs. Atlanta, 5/12 vs. Milwaukee

    Kyle Kendrick, 5/7 at San Francisco, 5/12 at Arizona

    Zach McAllister, 5/7 vs. Oakland, 5/12 at Detroit

    Nick Tepesch, 5/6 at Chicago Cubs, 5/12 vs. Houston

    Scott Feldman, 5/6 vs. Texas, 5/12 at Washington

    Scott Diamond, 5/7 at Boston, 5/12 vs. Baltimore


    Like the previous slide, these pitchers aren't necessarily fantasy aces, but this week could provide some serious bang for the buck. Pay attention to matchups—for instance, Tepesch faces the lowly Cubs and Astros this week.

The Spot Starters

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    Jeremy Hellickson, 5/6 vs. Toronto, 5/11 vs. San Diego

    James McDonald, 5/7 vs. Seattle, 5/12 at New York Mets

    Jorge de la Rosa, 5/7 vs. New York Yankees, 5/12 at Saint Louis

    Andrew Cashner, 5/6 vs. Miami, 5/12 at Tampa Bay

    J.A. Happ, 5/7 at Tampa Bay, 5/12 at Boston

    Roberto Hernandez, 5/7 vs. Toronto, 5/12 vs. San Diego


    Don't go out of your way to add any of these guys on to your team, because they have displayed relatively pedestrian stats so far this season. But in the right situation—for instance, Hernandez faces Toronto and San Diego this week—you might look into picking one of these arms up. 

The Long Shots

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    Jarrod Parker, 5/6 at Cleveland, 5/11 at Seattle

    Brandon McCarthy, 5/7 at Los Angeles Dodgers, 5/12 vs. Philadelphia

    Mark Buehrle, 5/6 at Tampa Bay, 5/11 at Boston

    Vance Worley, 5/6 at Boston, 5/11 vs. Baltimore

    Ubaldo Jimenez, 5/6 vs. Oakland, 5/11 at Detroit

    Chris Capuano, 5/6 vs. Arizona, 5/12 vs. Miami

    Erik Bedard, 5/7 vs. Los Angeles Angels, 5/12 vs. Texas

    Aaron Harang, 5/7 at Pittsburgh, 5/12 vs. Oakland

    Wade LeBlanc, 5/6 at San Diego, 5/12 at Los Angeles Dodgers


    Woof. These pitchers are all off to rough starts, and you may want to think twice before adding any of them to your fantasy squad this week. This is one instance where you won't be getting maximum value from a two-start pitcher.