Mayweather vs. Guerrero Results: Winner, Twitter Reaction, Recap and Analysis

Tim KeeneyContributor IMay 5, 2013

Floyd Mayweather used a brilliant performance on Saturday night to defeat challenger Robert Guerrero via unanimous decision, 117-111, 117-111, 117-111. 

It was vintage Money, as he improved to 44-0 in his career.

Many wondered if his age would be a factor against the younger Guerrero, but Money looked as agile as ever, avoiding The Ghost's relentless early attack, slipping in shots and inflicting a slew of massive rights to coast to the victory.

It was another notch on a marvelous career (via NFL quarterback Michael Vick):

Ruben Guerrero, however, didn't quite feel the same in defeat (via CBS Sports):

It was a well-oiled performance by the still pound-for-pound champ (via Sports Illustrated's Bryan Armen Graham):

Mayweather, who came to the ring with rapper Lil Wayne by his side, quickly answered any questions concerning his potential rust. He kept the fight in the middle of the ring, looking as quick and elusive as always, but Guerrero was able to land some early punches.

After Guerrero became even more active and aggressive in the second round, the New York Times' Greg Bishop gave him the early advantage.

That's where it would end, though.

He continued to attempt to maul Mayweather in the third, but learned why the champ is often regarded as the best defensive fighter of all time, as he failed to connect on anything big and opened himself up to some big Mayweather right hands.

It was more of the same in the fourth, as ESPN's Dan Rafael sat back in awe:

Guerrero was unrelenting, though, and he continued to add pressure. But while he was able to land some big punches here and there, Mayweather's quickness and timing were impeccable, and he continued to stroll.

Of course, many others, such as Miguel Cotto, know exactly how it feels to be frustrated by Mayweather's speed and defense. Junito was happy just to be watching this time around (via Golden Boy Promotions):

More than anything, it became apparent that Mayweather was simply on another level. Guerrero's effort wasn't lacking and his game plan was sound, but Money made it look like a sparring session at times. 

That's also known as a clinic.

Mayweather eventually opened up a cut above Guerrero's left eye in the eighth, which tends to happen when you have ridiculously efficient rounds like this (via Showtime Sports):

The final few rounds were more of the same. Guerrero stayed aggressive and attempted to land the miracle shot he needed, but that only opened him for more Mayweather tee shots as the fight continued to look like a blowout.

That, of course, transformed the 12th round into somewhat of a victory lap for the champ (via Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix):

It's been a tumultuous year for Mayweather, but this beautiful win—fueled by defense, counterpunching and staggering accuracy—over an aggressive, never-back-down Guerrero only proves that he is as dangerous as ever. 

As for where he goes from here, the champ wasn't ready to say for sure (via Mannix):