In the NHL the Losers Win

Ryan KuchelymaCorrespondent IApril 5, 2008

As of right now there are a total of 5 playoff teams that have 10 or more overtime losses (OTL).  Those teams include, The Boston Bruins (12), Rangers (12), Flyers(11), Canadiens (10), Sharks (10) and the Flames (10).Thats 10 to 12 points for losing a hockey game, its also the difference between making the playoffs or not.

The NHL is the only major sports league that gives out these loser points. Many would argue how can a team tie a game in regulation only to lose in overtime or a shootout and not get a single point. I seem to remember watching many baseball and basketball games going into overtime or extra innings and the loser playing hard right till the end but rewarded with nothing.

If the NHL is going to keep the shootout format they must award the winner with more that one point over the loser. The winner should always get 2 points over the losing team, it just makes sense.

So the thought of giving a team 3 points for a win in either a overtime or a shootout victory would work so much better in my mind. The losing team would then get the 1 point for the loss and would be happy in doing so.

In the Eastern Conference the Carolina Hurricanes have 43 victories, either coming in regulation, OT or a shootout. The Bruins and Flyers on the other hand have only 41 victories, yet have more points than Carolina. In the Western Conference the Edmonton Oilers have 41 victories, the same number that the Calgary Flames and Nashville Predators have, but yet find themselves on the outside looking in. This reason and this reason only should be enough to either get rid of the 1 point OTL, or award the winners with 3 points and keep giving the losers 1 point. Either way would work for me and I hope the current point system is changed in the very near future.