Randy Orton Becomes WWE Champion: President of Fan Club Breaks Silence

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIApril 27, 2009

One year...

It was one year ago that I watched Randy Orton drop the WWE Championship to Triple H at Backlash 2008.

I was disgusted...upset, whatever word you could think of that would properly suit a bitterly obsessive fan who watched his hero lose the one thing he spent three years trying to recapture.

Who was it who took the belt off of him three years prior to that?

You got it, the one and only Triple H.

So needless to say, I was not and have never been the biggest fan of The Game.

It's not from any lack of respect I have for the man; it's simply the pure hatred born from an intense rivalry which he created.

I've been preaching for many months now that the despicable actions of Triple H that took place in the fall of 2004 would come back to harm him far worse than he harmed a defenseless Randy Orton all those years ago.

Nobody was more psyched than me during Wrestlemania season. Likewise, you'd be hardpressed to find anyone more disgusted than I after watching it.

So, with the exception of the two pro Legacy articles that I've written since then, you might have noticed that there was an unusual lack of hype on my behalf.

After all, shouldn't the President of the Randy Orton fan club be doing his part to help hype his hero's momentum heading into Backlash?

Yet, you didn't hear a word even after Randy Orton defeated Triple H in their much anticipated Wrestlemania rematch.

Then there was today, the day of the big pay-per-view when some of you might have realized that I wrote an article of a much different tone than usual.

As a matter of fact, I simply declared that Randy Orton and his Legacy has "no chance" of winning whatsoever at Backlash.


Even if I did feel that Randy Orton would lose, why would I waste my team preaching about it?

What may have appeared to many as being my attempt to condemn a pay-per-view, for which I felt my hero had no chance of winning, that simply was not the case.

I'm not sure if anyone caught a comment I dropped several hours before Backlash began, but for those who might have missed it, this is what I had to say...

"I really hope everybody has a chance to glance at the tail end of my profile description prior to the end of Backlash. Just something to think about."

And if you wondered what ridiculousness I posted on my profile, here it is...

"For those of you who found something odd about my Backlash predictions, there most certainly is something up with that. I will be happy to explain at the conclusion of the pay-per-view."

So, to explain my apparently mindless train of thought, this is what I was thinking:

Somehow in my egotistical head, I have sometimes felt that what we write on Bleacher Report might (just might) have some impact on what the WWE creative team decides to do.

The best example would be the return of Christian, but no one (not even myself) has any real idea if our gossip has any effect on the WWE's creative process.

So I thought to myself, why spend the time hyping up Randy Orton when perhaps my efforts could be better utilized in other fashions?

So I thought to myself, if the WWE creative team even takes ten seconds to skim the wrestling section of B/R before making any minor kind of creative decision, why not make them think that we have it all figured out?

I was about 50/50 in terms of who I thought was going to win tonight.

I knew that Orton would become the new WWE Champion, it was just a matter of when and where that I was uncertain about.

My goal was simply to get on the front page of the wrestling section and preach about the predictable in the hopes that maybe somehow, someone would catch a glimpse of it and try to throw us a curve ball.

After all, if they planned on having Orton win anyway, writing an article about how I predicted that would happen wouldn't do his chances any favors.

The greatest likelihood is that if anyone read that prediction, the creative team would carry on as usual or perhaps try to throw us a curve ball in the other direction.

Now, before you think that I'm actually insane enough to believe that any article I write has any impact on the WWE's creative process whatsoever, believe me when I say that I do not.

Is there a one in 239,943 chance that any work of mine has even the slightest bit of impact?

In theory, it's possible.

Yet those unrealistic odds were enough to motivate me to throw the B/R audience a curve ball.

Does anyone really care?...probably not.

But I think I'll be able to get over it as I celebrate seeing the greatest performer in the wrestling industry today take his rightful place at the very top of his profession.



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