LSU Football: Les Miles' 5 Biggest Weaknesses

Jake Martin@JakeMartinSECCorrespondent IIIMay 10, 2013

LSU Football: Les Miles' 5 Biggest Weaknesses

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    Sometimes Les is more. Other times, Les can be, well, less than what LSU fans bargained for.

    The curious case of Les Miles is an intriguing story. One minute LSU fans want to give him the key to the city and the next they want to kick him out the door in Baton Rouge.

    It's because of what he's accomplished. In eight seasons, Miles has accumulated 85 wins with the Tigers, but he's lost some winnable games with bonehead moves along the way.

    That leads up to this telling slideshow. Take a gander inside and see exactly why Miles can give LSU fans a few headaches over the course of a season.

Time Management

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    This has been Miles' biggest crutch.

    The examples have been cited time and time again. His mind-numbing game decisions against Ole Miss in 2009 and Tennessee in 2010 were hard times for Tiger fans.

    Against Ole Miss, he let seconds tick away before calling timeout and Jordan Jefferson spiked the ball with no time on the clock. The situation against Tennessee was much the same.

    On the goal line, Miles thought he had enough time to substitute, and if it wasn't for a penalty on Tennessee, the Tigers would have lost that game. Thank God for second chances, right, Les?


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    It's hard to count how many times Miles has been accused of playing favorites at LSU.

    Hmm, where do we begin? Let's go straight to the source of the accusations—Jordan Jefferson.

    This will always be a bitter pill to swallow, right, LSU fans? Why did Miles bring Jefferson back on to the team after he was arrested for fighting at a local bar?

    Why did he turn to Jefferson for the remainder of the 2011 season when Jarrett Lee took the Tigers to great heights? Why'd he stick by Jefferson and never replace him in a horrendous 2012 BCS National Championship Game performance? Could it be because of favoritism?

Offensive Control

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    Sometimes you just have to let go.

    Sometimes you have to realize that there are other men better fit for certain jobs. Being the mastermind of LSU's offense isn't Miles' forte. That never stopped him from controlling it though.

    On an annual basis, offensive coordinators fail at LSU with scrutinized game plans and untimely play calls.

    It's because Miles has them on a short leash. That's certainly what it looks like when, time and time again, these offensive coordinators fail to create new wrinkles in the offense. Hopefully, Miles will allow Cam Cameron to do whatever he chooses within the offense this fall.

Soft Demeanor

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    All too often, Les Miles is made out to be a joke in college football.

    It's really unfair, because though he makes mistakes at times, he really is one of the best college football coaches in the game.

    But he's an easy target. He makes himself that way by picking up a blade of grass and sticking it in his mouth or answering phones at press conferences. It's fun, but it's hard for the national media to take him seriously when they know he can be a wild card.

    Because he comes off as a somewhat goofy coach, people tend to mistake him for being soft. That isn't the case, but it's easily perceived.

Living Up to the Mad Hatter Persona

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    Believing your own hype is a great recipe for disaster.

    That's what happened with Miles in last year's contest against Alabama. Miles, who has taken the conservative approach in recent years, decided to roll the dice more against the best team in the nation.

    His onside kick and fake field-goal attempts fell short against the Crimson Tide, and when he simply relied on his smash-mouth football approach, the Tigers were successful.

    Had he played it more safe, the Tigers probably would've won the game. Oh, sweet irony.