SvR Meets B/R: Thrice the Excitement—The Competition Continues

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SvR Meets B/R: Thrice the Excitement—The Competition Continues

To avoid publishing three separate stories for three separate matches, I've decided to combine three matches into one slideshow.

I've decided on a few rules for the series, most of which will take effect once the rosters are drafted.

For starters, titles will be split amongst the brands, with SD holding the World Heavyweight Championship, the Cruiserweight Championship, WWE Tag Team Championships, and United States Championship.

Raw will get the WWE Championship, Intercontinental Championship, WT Championships, and pending if the roster is big enough to include ECW, the ECW Championship.

Both the Hardcore Championship and WCW Championship will be dual brand.

That being said, I decided that before the draft, I'll hold a six man Elimination Chamber match for the WCW Championship, with the standings determining your entry number.

Similar to Shane's March Madness tourney, what place you finish going into the match determines how many lotto balls you have, with the top player having one, and the last place having six.

Therefore, all in all, the top place finisher has a one in 21 chance at being stuck with the number one entry.

We started off with records being :

Shane: 2-0-0
JLB: 1-0-0
CB: 0-1-1
AkD: 0-1-1
Ross: 0-0-1
Will: 0-1-0

I decided that to even it out, first I needed to have a rematch between JLB, Ross, and Will.

Afterward, two more matches were drawn up to even out the finishes, including:

JLB vs. Ross
CB vs. AkD vs. Will


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