Why Arsenal Should Do Everything Possible to Get Cesc Fabregas Back

James McNicholasFeatured ColumnistMay 6, 2013

Why Arsenal Should Do Everything Possible to Get Cesc Fabregas Back

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    With Cesc Fabregas struggling to make the expected impact at Barcelona, it's no surprise that stories have surfaced linking him with a move back to Arsenal (Daily Star via Yahoo! Sport).

    It was painful enough for Arsenal fans to see Fabregas rejoin his boyhood club. Seeing him line up for another team would be even more painful. If Fabregas becomes available, Arsenal should be at the front of the queue to attain his services.

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Cesc Is Still a Great Player

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    Although Cesc Fabregas might be struggling to find his place in the Barcelona team, there is no doubting his talent.

    At Arsenal, Fabregas regularly showcased an ability to score goals from midfield. He's replicated that knack at Barcelona. Although he has occasionally been used as a striker, the majority of his appearances have been in a deeper midfield berth.

    Despite this, he's managed 10 goals in La Liga. In Arsenal's midfield, only Santi Cazorla can rival that total.

    Fabregas also has 10 La Liga assists this season. According to Squawka.com, that's the fifth-highest tally in European football's major leagues.

    If Arsenal gave Fabregas the opportunity to start frequently in his favoured position, his stats could even improve.

His Presence Would Benefit Jack Wilshere

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    When Cesc Fabregas emerged at Arsenal, he benefited hugely from playing alongside the likes of Patrick Vieira, Gilberto Silva and Robert Pires.

    These experienced midfielders were able to pass on the benefit of their experience to Fabregas, who flourished under their guidance.

    Reuniting Jack Wilshere with Cesc Fabregas would provide the young Englishman with a mentor figure to guide him both on and off the pitch.

    It would also reduce the creative burden Wilshere is often asked to shoulder, providing Arsene Wenger with more opportunities to rest and rotate his young star. 

It Would Reverse a Trend

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    The picture in this slide is from February 2011. It shows Cesc Fabregas training alongside Samir Nasri and Robin van Persie. At the time, they were Arsenal's three most influential players.

    Little over two years later, all three players have left the club.

    The drain of talent has been almost constant. The likes of Gael Clichy, Alex Song and more have joined that trio in heading out the door.

    Bringing Fabregas back would start reversing that trend. It would be a statement from Arsenal that their time as a feeder club is over, and that the grass is not necessarily greener elsewhere. 

Connection with the Fans

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    Few players have had a more special connection with the Arsenal fans than Cesc Fabregas.

    Perhaps it's because he arrived so young, and Gunners supporters were able to observe his development at such close quarters. Perhaps it's because he stepped in to the void created by the departure of another iconic figure in Patrick Vieira. Perhaps it's because he was a standout world-class talent in an underachieving team.

    Arsenal fans were hurt by Fabregas' departure, but they'd forgive quickly if he decided to return.

    Barcelona might be in his DNA, but Arsenal are in his heart.

Cesc Could Lead a New Generation

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    Cesc Fabregas will turn 27 next season. He is ready to be a leader.

    When he was appointed as Arsenal captain in November 2008, it was arguably too soon. He is older now, and will have grown as a man and a player having experienced another football culture at Barcelona.

    Arsenal's current skipper, Thomas Vermaelen, could be on the way out this summer.

    Fabregas is the perfect man to replace him as captain.