Kendrick Perkins Does Pushups After Scuffle with Francisco Garcia

Grant HughesNational NBA Featured ColumnistMay 3, 2013

Kendrick Perkins hit the deck after getting tangled up with Francisco Garcia in the first quarter of the Oklahoma City Thunder's Game 6 battle with the Houston Rockets, but it wasn't because of the physical play that resulted in a double technical.

He was doing pushups.

Maybe he misheard the official when he barked to the scorer's table "Technical foul on number five." Given the ambient noise at the Toyota Center, maybe it sounded like "Drop and give me 20."

Then again, maybe not.

Perkins is the resident tough guy on the Thunder, charged with enforcing discipline and doling out lots of intimidating scowls. So maybe the pushup act is just part of his schtick. Come to think of it, that sort of superficial intensity seems a little familiar:

Kendrick Perkins just did push ups after acting tough. The spirit of KG LIVES ON!!

— Not Bill Walton (@NotBillWalton) May 4, 2013

But really, if Perkins was just trying to show how physically tough he was, he could have opted for another exercise:

Pull-ups are a way better indicate of strength than pushups. Jeez, Perk.

— Tom Ziller (@teamziller) May 4, 2013

Most of the Twittersphere chimed in with the 140-character version of an eye roll. That group included Candace Parker of the Los Angeles Sparks. Bad news, Perk; you failed to impress the ladies:

Ummm Perk...pushups...really

— Candace Parker (@Candace_Parker) May 4, 2013

Fitness is important, but what's next? A few crunches after missed free throws? Maybe some jumping jacks? Where will it end?

Anyway, Perkins should probably save his energy. It probably takes a lot of effort to make angry faces and clobber unwitting guards when they venture near him. Conserve, Perk! Conserve!