The Lash Of Backlash: Age Of Orton Reborn, Edge & Christian New Champs

Adrian StaehleSenior Analyst IApril 26, 2009

Rated RKO & Christian

The Age of Orton is back after a punt to the head but Orton to Triple H as we crown the new WWE Champion Randy Orton.

What a finish to the match, there was no back turning, but confusion on the part of HHH and Batista as Dave tried to use the chair as Hunter got distracted and the match was set and stone from there as Orton capitalized and become the New WWE Champion.

Randy Orton had to wait an extra couple weeks to do what he was set out to do and that was to win the WWE Championship and avenage Triple H from Evoultion and it was done thanks in part to Batista that was trying to use the chair that he knew would get DQ'ed if the ref saw it even though the ref didn't see Cody Rhodes on Shane McMahon.

It was a quality match but an alright ending. I personally would have liked to see the person that pinned there opponent would be the New WWE Champion like they did with Triple H, Shane and Vince McMahon vs. The Rock, Taker, and Kane several years ago.

Now that we will most likely see a re-match at Judgement Day. How fitting will it be to see it come to an end most likely in a Hell in a Cell Match on that of the Judgement Day between Orton and Hunter. That could be a match I could look forward to.

Christian is the New ECW Champion as he defeated Jack Swagger with the Killswitch and became the New ECW Champion. Will they set up a re-match for Judgement Day between these two at Judgement Day and will Tommy Dreamer get involved in some type of way because of Extreme Rules coming up in my hometown of New Orleans, Louisiana?

Swagger vs. Christian vs. Dreamer in a classic Extreme Rules Match would be a fitting ending to Dreamer's career holding that title up at the end of the night.

After his match there Edge and Christian ran in to each other as Edge said to Christian that you think your better than me now as he will prove that he was always the better one and beat Cena.

Chris Jericho is the Dragon Slayer as he beat Ricky Steamboat in a match that I enjoyed very much because Steamboat proved after fifteen years that he does indeed "Still Got It". Jericho and Steamboat had good spots but it would be Jericho ending this Legends thing with a tap out victory for Jericho. What id next for Jericho as he head's to Friday Nights?

Kane beat Mr. Money in the Bank CM Punk as he got a loss on a night were he could win the big one on either on Cena or Edge. Kane showed to me that he can still pull out a big match but he is so underrated it's not funny, but we will see what the future holds for both these men on Friday nights on SmackDown.

Matt and Jeff had an good match wasn't what I wanted to see but it was good. Jeff won after Matt apologized about everything and wanted to have the Hardy's back he said "I Quit" but Jeff being the man he is dropped his leg across Matt on to a table as Matt would get what was coming to him.

Orton was backstage as he would say Batista has always done Hunter dirty work and that he will see him out there as Orton looked ready.

The Khali Kiss cam was awful........Khali is as dumb as a rock...........Satina has a thing for good ol' JR..............Satina beats Beth again thanks to a Khali Chop........Bad Segment. Period.

Orton again like the big headline said became the New WWE Champion thanks to some confusion with Dave and Hunter and a chair. It was a good match to me but could have been interesting with the stipulation of the person that got the pin would win the WWE Championship but it is what it is or now it was what it was.

After the match Hunter was punt on a stretcher as the crowd was in shock and silence as Dave was disappointed and Shane upset.

The Cenav Edge match is last and it's not that bad I'm getting very into it but I wonder what would happen in a Hell in a Cell Match but that's me, I liked the AA into the crowd pretty WOW moment looking pretty good to me, WOW what a DDT by Edge on the stage, WTF Big Show chocked-slam threw the spotlight to Cena. New World Heavyweight Champion EDGE.

WOW what a good match; not bad at all. Edge wins the World Championship again. Why did Show help Edge that is gong to be because of Cena showing the video of Show and Vickie duhh. Big Show and Cena at Judgment Day is looking like is going to happen.

Rated RKO and Christian are all three the New Champions. If I'm right Edge's partner of past and present are the New Champions including Edge.

Three Championship Matches and Three Championship Changes!!!

Backlash wasn't that bad I though it would have tanked but it didn't that bad.

What do you think of what happen tonight.

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