Murphy- asset or liability...

ed feverCorrespondent IApril 26, 2009
The bottom line is that Murphy is hitting .317 and the Mets are still losing games. Are the seven RBIs and 13 runs scored out weighing the runs he is costing the team. Would this team benefit more from a guy hitting .270 ish but was a solid defender, or is Murphy and his bat worth the runs he is costing the team in the field ?
On Saturday in the first inning he made an incredible catch and then threw to first for a double play, while I didn't expect him to instantly turn into a gold glover, I had hoped the play would give him the confidence to make the routine plays. However, several innings later he made a horrible play which cost the team a run, which went unnoticed since the game was already in hand.
Today, Murphy broke the wrong way on a ball and once again fell to the ground as the ball sailed past him and the hitter went from an easy out to an extra base hit. Later in the game on a routine base hit to left field, the runner scored from second, as Murphy again attempted a relay throw to Reyes which for the second time was unsuccessful in preventing the runner from scoring.
The book is out on Murphy's arm, even pitchers are scoring from second on anything hit to the left side. And every fly ball is an adventure, Manuel believes he's playing tight but if that's the case that double play should have loosened him up, instead the very next day he cost the team at least two runs. He has
So back to the question, is a player hitting .317 who isn't an RBI producing machine worth the level of defensive liability that Murphy has become.......