The Shield Is the Best Faction in WWE History

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMay 2, 2013

The Shield Is the Best Faction in WWE History

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    Ever since debuting at last year’s Survivor Series, The Shield—Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose—has turned WWE upside down. It has defeated former World champions, interfered in too many main events to count and even managed to take out The Undertaker.

    Make no mistake about it: These guys are the real deal. And not only is the group one of the best WWE factions ever, there’s a good argument to be made that it is the best.

    And here’s why...

They Don't Waste Their Time on Terrible Comedy

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    Sure, DX may have been one of the all-time great WWE factions, but the group—in its various incarnations—was always hindered by lame, juvenile comedy and a desperate need to be seen as “risqué.”

    Come on. Was there anything more cringe-worthy than seeing middle-aged dads like Triple H and Shawn Michaels strutting around like a couple of bratty, immature teenagers?

    Thankfully, The Shield doesn’t care about making anyone laugh or entertaining anyone. The group is strictly about business—something that gives it the edge over DX and most other heel groups.

They Have Credibility

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    Unlike Nexus, which was ruined in 2010 due to bad booking that made it look weak and incompetent, The Shield has been impeccably built up in WWE. It is given win after win on television and pay-per-view and always looks like a force to be reckoned with.

    Hey, the three have even managed to prove too much for the once-invincible John Cena a few times. Considering how incredibly protective WWE has been of Cena in the past, this is really saying something.

Dean Ambrose Is One of the Best Talkers in the Business

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    Another thing that aids The Shield is the phenomenal mic work of Dean Ambrose. It's not hyperbole to claim the former Dragon Gate USA wrestler is one of the very best talkers in the business.

    He's also blessed with an edgy charisma and a mesmerizing on-screen presence. When he's in a segment, how can you not be compelled by him?

    Indeed, there's more than a shade of Heath Ledger's Joker from The Dark Knight about Ambrose's current character, and his whole act is a big part of why The Shield feel so threatening and dangerous whenever the trio comes out on Raw and SmackDown.

They're Entertaining

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    Whether it's dishing out vicious and brutal beatdowns or bemoaning the injustice and corruption pervading WWE, The Shield is a hugely entertaining act. In fact, along with The Rock coming back, the trio are a big part of why Raw feels fresh and exciting once again.

    No wonder members of the WWE Universe have become so utterly engrossed with the antics of Rollins, Ambrose and Reigns—they're great.

They're Great Wrestlers

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    One thing that makes The Shield so great is the fact that every member of the group is a terrific, well-rounded in-ring competitor. In the cases of Rollins and Ambrose—both of whom spent years on the indie circuit honing their craft before signing their WWE deals—this isn’t really a surprise.

    However, the emergence of relative newcomer Roman Reigns as one of the best big man workers is an absolute revelation. When hasn't this guy looked great?