Stanley Cup Playoffs 2013: Revealing the Stanley Cup's Biggest Secrets

Ryan O'LearyFeatured Columnist IMay 2, 2013

In less than two months, the winning captain will hoist the Stanley Cup above his head as hundreds of captains have done before.

In 120 years, the Stanley Cup has amassed millions of frequent-flyer miles and even more tall tales. 

For instance, there's a rumor about the number of Stanley Cups that exist. Is it one, three or even five? There are rumors about each.

And how about the weirdest thing that someone has ever done with the trophy when they have their own day with the Cup? Hint: It involves food and Slovakia.

Oh, and the Cup Curator, Phil Pritchard, also dishes about what really happened when Sidney Crosby slept with the Stanley Cup when the Pittsburgh Penguins won in 2008-09.

Find out about these Cup secrets and others in Bleacher Report's latest 2013 NHL playoff hockey video.

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