Breaking Down How Serena Williams Stacks Up Against Top Men's Tennis Players

Merlisa Lawrence Corbett@@merlisaFeatured ColumnistMay 13, 2013

Breaking Down How Serena Williams Stacks Up Against Top Men's Tennis Players

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    Serena Williams defeated No. 2 Maria Sharapova, again. Her win at the Madrid Open was the 13th straight over Sharapova. 

    Serena, ranked No. 1, has an astounding 41-5 record against the rest of the Top Five players on the WTA tour. 

    Serena's dominance in women's tennis often ignites the debate: How would she fair against top men's tennis players?

    My guess is, she'd get beat and embarrassed.

    Make no mistake, as dominant as Serena is on the women's tour, she is no match for the ATP's Top Five. 

    However, suppose we could suspend reality. Just for the sake of argument, let's say Serena played in a hypothetical place where gender was not a factor. Suppose we could put estrogen and testosterone aside and focus on skill sets, records and intangibles, such as championship credentials.  

    How would Serena do against Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, David Ferrer or Andy Murray

Serena vs. Roger Federer

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    Serena admires Roger Federer.  

    Born only a month apart, the two have a combined 32 Grand Slam titles.

    Serena has the better serve. Last year, when they both won Wimbledon, Serena finished the tournament with a record 102 aces. Federer had 71.  

    If her serve was on, Serena could certainly win some cheap points off Federer.

    However, Federer is far more consistent than Serena. He is also less likely to succumb to the huge lulls in performance Serena sometimes displays on the court. 

    Winner: Federer

Serena vs. Novak Djokovic

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    This would certainly be the most entertaining of all the matches.

    Djokovic and Serena have a flair for drama.

    How fun would it be to watch all the gamesmanship? Djokovic pounding his chest and Serena clenching her fist, screaming, "Come on!" after winners. 

    They like to poke fun at each other. Serena once called Djokovic and Nadal "weenies" after they complained about the blue clay at the 2012 Madrid Open. 

    Djokovic is faster, quicker and probably has more stamina than Serena.

    But Serena has a far better record against top-tier opponents. Djokovic has a 58.3 winning percentage against Top-10 players, the third lowest of the Big Four.  

    Winner: Serena

Serena vs. Rafael Nadal

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    Nadal has the movement to retrieve those ridiculous angles Serena throws at her opponents.

    His counter-punching style could frustrate Serena, who likes to take chances and end points quickly.

    Both are great champions and possess mental toughness.

    Nadal would destroy Serena on clay, his best surface and her worst. He wins a ridiculous 93 percent of his matches on clay. 

    On the hard courts and on grass, Serena's serve would give her an edge. She already has 193 aces this year. Serena is 67-8 at Wimbledon. She is a combined 123-17 at the U.S. Open and Australian Open. 

    Nadal has an 80.6 percent career record on grass and only 76.8 percent on hard courts. 

    Winner: Nadal on clay. Serena on hard courts and grass.  

Serena vs. Andy Murray

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    Andy Murray and Serena won the U.S. Open last year. Murray's win ushered him into the Big Four.

    However, he's not even close to being part of "The Greatest of All Time" conversations that involve Serena, Federer and Nadal. 

    Murray's strength on the baseline would help in rallies against Serena, but Serena has a better overall game. Her serve, play at the net and shot selection are all better than Murray's.

    She has 15 Grand Slams. He just won his first. Murray has a 78.3 winning percentage on hard courts and 81.3 on grass. He struggles on clay, with a 60.8 winning percentage.  

    He wins against Top-10 opponents less than 57 percent of the time.   

    Winner: Serena 

Serena vs. David Ferrer

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    Notice there's no Serena in the picture with No. 4 David Ferrer.  

    That's because they rarely share the same spotlight. They certainly haven't posed together for any trophy ceremonies.

    Ferrer as a tennis player is not in the same stratosphere as Serena.

    She is taller than him. She serves better. Unlike Ferrer, Serena rarely tanks in big matches. Despite consistently finishing in the Top Five, Ferrer has an abysmal 36.4 winning percentage against Top-10 players. 

    In this matchup, Serena would plant herself in the middle of the court and push Ferrer from side to side like he was a tethered ball. 

    Even on his best day and her worst, Ferrer would find a way to lose like he did against Murray at the Sony Open in Miami

    Winner: Serena in a beat down.