The 2013 NBA Playoffs as Told by Metta World Peace

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The 2013 NBA Playoffs as Told by Metta World Peace
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After the Los Angeles Lakers were eliminated from the playoffs, basketball fans worldwide had a reason to celebrate. Sure, the Laker haters were plenty happy, but the rest of us would soon get to see the playoffs from the viewpoint of Metta World Peace.

The Lakers were eliminated on Sunday, and from there, World Peace took off his Twitter leash and let his opinions be well known.

A few things have been talked about here and there; he even received a bit of guff from after he wondered about Tim Duncan and Marc Gasol being the best big men in the league.

We might as well take this from entertaining beginning to end, starting with his predictions for the rest of the playoffs.

Metta was incredibly high on his brothers in Los Angeles on Tuesday morning, but his opinion would change later on in the day as he was watching them lose to the Memphis Grizzlies.

So there it is. The Clippers out of the West and the Heat out of the East. A bold pick with the Clippers, but nothing surprising from the Eastern Conference.

From there he admired what Duncan has done so far this year and thought about his team making the Western Conference Finals.

And he even talked himself into a potential Clippers victory in the NBA Finals should things go awry in Miami.

After harping on about Chris Paul and the Clippers for a bit, he wondered about the Nuggets and how things had gone so wrong so quickly and about Stephen Curry's development.

Not only that, but he also admired how the entire Warriors squad was coming together, trying to mount a comeback after getting into a huge hole against the Nuggets in Game 5.

Once the Warriors fell short, he got into the good stuff. He went from driving the Clippers' bandwagon earlier in the day to nearly jumping ship when the game got underway.

Just like us, he seemed to get frustrated with the overexaggeration of some of the contact players were getting early on in the game.

And he marveled at some of the things that Blake Griffin could do in midair.

But only before going on a huge run of tweets about what makes the Grizzlies as good as they are and how they could totally win a championship if things fall the right way.

Of course, he can only go so many tweets before he falls right back into strange ol' Metta mode.

At halftime he was critical of what Mark Jackson had to say about Denver's physical play. He was pretty blunt about it.

Going back to the game, Metta mixed in a bit of boxing to his tweets, as that's one of the three things that he ever talks about on Twitter.

Finally, the game ended and we got this gem.

For the record, I actually think this was a joke. Metta was watching the entire game, and there's no real reason why he would suddenly wander away and completely ignore the game.

Plus, he said earlier that they could win the entire thing and nobody would ever know. It was totally a call-back.

Or he was just being weird. Who knows?

Finally we end the night with a brainteaser, and possibly the best tweet of them all.

Don't you see, people? This is why you follow Metta on Twitter. It's not for the weird stuff that he ends up tweeting about.

The best moments of the day are when he decides to take a picture of something ridiculously normal and talks to his followers about it.

Plus, it's always fun to watch a game along with an NBA player, even if it is over the Internet.

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