Sports Videos That Make You Cringe

Nick Dimengo@@itsnickdimengoFeatured ColumnistMay 3, 2013

Sports Videos That Make You Cringe

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    While we see tons of videos of great sports plays every single day, not all of them are memorable for all the right reasons.

    Thanks to everyone having a camera phone—unless you're Andrew Luck—filming someone doing something is literally at the tip of your fingers.

    Shows like "Jackass" and "Tosh.0" introduced us to moments that were a little tough to watch, and these sports videos are just as cringe-worthy, whether by embarrassment or because of an injury.

Damn You Bartman!

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    Sorry, Cubby fans, but thanks to one of the biggest blunders in sports—unintentionally, we must add—Steve Bartman interfering is just painful to watch.

    He should have known what was coming his way, especially considering the bitter luck Chicago's North Siders have had over the years.

    We all would have done the same thing, but he was the unfortunate one who got caught doing it.

Kid Falls on Skateboard

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    This one might not necessarily be that cringe-worthy, but we had to add it because we just feel bad for the little guy.

    Not only is he wearing a polo shirt at a skate park—a clear sign he's no "true" skater—but after he lands on his elbow and cries, he needs his mom to come over to console him.

Kevin Garnett: Anything Is Possible

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    This one makes you cringe just because it's so damn awkward.

    We understand the excitement of winning an elusive NBA title, but really, KG? Was it necessary to respond to Michelle Tafoya's question like this?

The Worst Goalie Ever

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    Just like putting a kid in right field during your Little League days, there's a reason why this guy is playing goalie—because he lacks the foot skills of someone on the field.

    All we can say is thank goodness this didn't happen on the world's biggest stage, the World Cup, otherwise things could have been really bad.

'Suave' Blackhawks Fan

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    We'd really like to watch this video with a girl's commentary to go along with it, because we just think it'd make it that much more awkward.

    As a guy, you can't help but cringe as you see this Blackhawks fan completely sinking in the deep end with attractive reporter Sarah Kustok.

    Poor move, bro. Poor move.

Charles Barkley Is No Swinger

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    Anyone who has ever swung a golf club in his or her life knows that the best way to make solid contact is by going in one fluid motion.

    So although your handicap might be 50 and you can't even finish a round without running out of balls, we still bet you cringe at seeing Charles Barkley playing golf.

    Someone put this guy on that "Haney Project" show, like now!

Skeet! Skeet!

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    First off, how funny is it that the title of this video is "Stolen Scooter Crash into Pole?"

    It's like, "Not only is it funny because a guy crashes a scooter into a pole, but it makes it even more hilarious because it's karma for having (allegedly) stolen it."

    This guy's all hot-dogging around until that pesky fence just pops up out of nowhere. 

    Serves him right—doesn't he know no one likes showboating?

Kickin' It

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    Don't get us wrong, anyone who steps into the ring for a sport that is literally all about just knocking the other person out is pretty damn tough.

    So when we first watched this video, we thought the dude on the right (Aurelio) would be the one going down hard—especially since it just appears like he's dancing around, missing on his kicks.

    But when you lose hope and expect the other guy (Marshall) to just stick him in the face with a monster punch, the little kicker connects on a nasty kick to the head, sending his competitor to the mat.

Skateboarding's Not for Sissies

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    Though it's not clear what this kid actually did to himself while poorly landing this skateboard trick, his reaction should tell it all.

    His Usain Bolt-like sprint home makes this video one of our favorite reactions of any of these videos on the list.

Where's the 'Wrong Way' Sign?

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    This video reminded us that literally anything is possible in sports.

    We just feel for Kent State football player Andre Parker after he uses so much energy to go 80 yards to the end zone—before realizing it was the wrong way.

    Luckily, this was against Towson in the opening game of the season; otherwise, it would have been even more cringing than it is.

He Hits the Post (Literally)

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    The one thing that drives any soccer player crazy is making a great move to get some space for a shot, they strike it perfectly and then "clank!" it nails the post.

    Now imagine that disappointment and apply it to your face.

    One would imagine it really sucking, but this poor kid actually knows why it sucks.

The Big Unit Plays Angry Birds

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    No matter how tough we might think any of us really are, there's a good chance that none of us could withstand a fastball from former pitcher Randy Johnson.

    Though we'd probably end up with a nice welt, at least we wouldn't look like we just exploded, which unfortunately couldn't be said for this little birdie.

Carl Lewis Shouldn't Represent America

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    This one just never gets old to us.

    It's bad enough that the Nets hired former Olympian Carl Lewis into the arena as the voice for the National Anthem, but when he butchers it—as one might have expected—he then addresses the crowd with a "Uh-oh! I'm gonna make up for it now."

    It gives us goosebumps—in an absolutely negative way.

Evan Turner Brings It Back

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    Former Ohio State and current 76ers guard Evan Turner learned the hardest way that pulling a back-flop is not a good feeling.

    We've seen some people do it in the pool—and that even hurts—so when a wooden floor is the landing spot, the score almost always ends floor: 1, player: 0.

Mountain Biker Faceplant

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    Seeing this guy spin his wheels down such a narrow path, it's pretty obvious something bad's going to happen.

    Just when you think he might make it all the way down, there's what we've all been expecting, a faceplant at the 22-second mark.

    We're surprised he even made it that far.