Pittsburgh Pirates Harness Inner SNL for 'Late Night' Lineup Video

Gabe ZaldivarPop Culture Lead WriterMay 1, 2013

After the video, you will genuinely wonder whether the Pittsburgh Pirates are going to play a game or put on a late-night variety show. 

Hell, let's see how Neil Walker is at improv comedy. 

Next Impulse Sports spotted the video that they consider to be a cheese-filled excuse for a lineup presentation. 

We don't disagree; especially considering the ear-to-ear smile Clint Hurdle offers at the start that has me thinking he is going to interview some celebrity about their latest reality-TV project instead of coaching a 16-12 team. 

While the team calls this a "Late Night TV Show" version on YouTube, we see a remarkable resemblance to Saturday Night Live's weekly intro. 

Sure, we could sit here and laugh at this video, especially the moment they announce Pedro Alvarez, who is just hilarious with his .255 OBP. 

I say go with what works, and this video certainly qualifies. Even Alvarez has five home runs to make his .194 batting average far easier to swallow. 

If the team were circling the drain, we might have to destroy every last goofy smile presented outside a Pittsburgh locale in this thing. 

As it were, we cannot hate, not even a little. 

The Pirates are 16th or lower in runs, batting average and on-base percentage. They're also 15th in ERA. 

Still, they are in second place, just a half game behind the Cardinals, AJ Burnett is cutting off throws to second and Starling Marte is leading off like a champ. 

The Pirates, who are 8-4 at home this season, are nearly unstoppable with this intro. Don't you dare take it down now.


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