Grading Adidas' New CrazyQuick Sneakers

Jesse DorseyFeatured ColumnistMay 1, 2013


The young relationship between John Wall and Adidas continues with Damian Lillard and Jrue Holiday coming along for the ride. Adidas announced the release of his latest sneaker, the CrazyQuick, which became available online and hit stores on Wednesday.

Wall signed with Adidas back in January after jumping ship from Reebok, who held Wall as their primary spokesperson since he got drafted back in 2010.

The first pairing of Wall and Adidas comes in the form of the CrazyQuick, which officially debuted back in March, but has only now become available to the public.

LATEST RELEASE: The #Crazyquick is now online & in stores. Try them out & let us know what you think #QuickAintFair…

— adidas Basketball (@adidasHoops) May 1, 2013

Adidas' CrazyQuick is premiering with the help of Damian Lillard, Jrue Holiday and A$AP Rocky in an extremely Dr. Seuss-sounding commercial featuring the three players playing inside of a giant CrazyQuick, with A$AP Rocky's track "Goldie" thrown in as well.

As for the actual shoe, let's take a closer look.



Most of the shoe is quite predictable, at least as far as comparing it to some of the recent releases from Adidas goes.

They've got the same shape and structure as the Crazy Light release, albeit with a much sleeker and interesting fragmented design on the sole.

Weird as it may sound, the way the sole was designed is actually my favorite part of the shoe. It makes it stick out compared to other ultra-light shoe releases that all seem to rely on the same sort of design features (generally the use of mesh and less support in the mid-foot region).

The fragmented sole allows for a lot more flexibility in the creativity allowed with the colorways, and it lets the Adidas tri-stripe burst from the bottom of the foot.

Grade: B+



With John Wall the poster child of the CrazyQuick, the go-to colorway is the blue and red of the Washington Wizards. Given that there are few more visually appealing jerseys in the NBA than Washington's, the scheme obviously works.

However, Adidas has released four additional colorways, with some bright yellows, bold blues and a perfectly done black scheme.

My favorite of the bunch has to be the Charlotte Hornets' (now that they're the Pelicans, New Orleans loses the right to this awesome color combination, so I'm going old school here) teal and purple look.

If the Bobcats end up switching back to their old Hornets moniker sometime in the future, Adidas would be crazy not to get somebody in Charlotte to sign on and spread the look.

There really is something for everybody. If you want the more conservative look, the black and grey is for you, but there's also the incredibly bold yellow and the three in-between colorways that you'll probably see tons of at the park this summer.

Grade: A-



Generally I don't care about a shoe commercial unless it's interesting, moment-marking or genuinely funny, but this one is pretty cool.

The last time I can remember caring much about a shoe commercial was for the release of the D Rose 3s, when they just used the clip of him shedding a tear at the media release.

However, I really dig this one.

It's different. A$AP Rocky is huge right now, and they've got basketball players playing inside of a freaking shoe. Not only that, they've got three of the best young point guards in the game putting on a dribbling clinic.

What's not to like?

Grade: A-



Adidas is doing a lot right recently. Dwight Howard's shoes have been consistently fly, their series ultra-light shoes are going step-for-step alongside Nike's Hyperlite (and they look a lot better) and they're grabbing ahold of young stars left and right.

The CrazyQuick is just another step in the right direction, with very little to complain about.

Overall, it's just a solid shoe.

Grade: A-