B/R Turns Into WWE Chapter Nine: Backlash

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B/R Turns Into WWE Chapter Nine: Backlash

(SD! Commentator) Ladies and gentlemen, we are here live in TD Banknorth Garden in Boston where we will be treated to Backlash.

(Jeff) That is right. Tonight we have a great card tonight, and our main event will be JLB vs. Joe Burgett vs. Daris Brown.

(SD! Commentator) That is right, let's see if we can bring the Raw gold over to Smackdown tonight. We also have the Tag Team Tourney finals tonight as well as the United States tag team championships on the line.

(ECW Commentator) Well we also have a great card for ECW as Dan Telek will be defending th Hardcore Championship and the ECW Championship is on the line.

(Jeff) Without further ado, we present Backlash!

Match 1: Unified Tag Team Titles: Blue Chip & Chris Mueller Vs Ste Eccles & Jason Savage

(Ring Announcer) This match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Unified Tag Team Championships. Introducing team #1, the team of Chris Muller and Blue Chip!

And their opponents, the team of Jason Savage and Ste Eccles.

The bell rings and we are under way.

(Jeff) Yup, it's Jason & Ste vs. Blue Chip & Chris Mueller.
(C. #2) Anyway let's turn our attention to the ring where both teams are already set to do battle.
(Jeff) Looks like Ste will be starting against Chris.
Bell sounds match begins. Both men locking up and Ste turns it into a temporary sleeper until he catapults him off the ropes and slams him. Now goes to his corner and tags Jason. Jason goes up hig and delivers a flying elbow. Here's the cover, 1, 2, kicks out at 2.

Now shoving him into the corner and gives him a dudley dog. Here's the cover 1, 2, oh so close. Now taking him back to his corner and tags in Ste. Ste tagged in and gives him a face pound in the corner.

Chris falling down on the mat and now puts him into a cross face. I don't he's going to be able to break it. So Blue Chip comes in the ring to break it up but right away Ste responds by clotheslining him out of there.

Jason waiting for him to get up and lifts him up on his shoulders. And hits a Death Valley Driver on him. Here's the cover 1, 2, 3. Bell sounds match over.
(Announcer) The winners and new Unified Tag Team Champions, Ste Eccles and Jason Savage!
(Jeff) An amazing Death Valley Driver wins them the titles.
(C. #2) That was amazing from start to finish.

(Jeff) Now we go to ECW where M will face Doctor Death in a Submission Match!

(Ring Announcer) This next match is a submission match the only way you can win is by a submission hold. Introducing M and his challenger Doctor Death.

(Bell Ring)
Both men in the ring circling each other as they size each other up They lock and now are pushing each other against the ropes.
M trying to get the better of Doc by powering him into a corner,
Doc quickly moves out of the way and pushes a charging M face first into the turnbuckle.
Doc now applying a hand lock and taking M down to the Mat.
M rolls out of the move and grabs for Doc’s legs slamming him into the mat locking in a full Boston crab the pain and anguish is all over Doc’s face but he won't submit.
Doc makes his way to ropes and breaks the hold.
 Both men circling each other again, M delivers some club blows to Doc's back and uses an Irish whip to throw him into the corner.
 Doc block and goes straight for a springboard dropkick which connects with M’s head.
  Doc moves in for an abdominal stretch M won’t submit and breaks out of it.
Chops delivered by both men the echoes resounding through out the stadium.
Once again M goes low and sweeps Doc of his feet with a low baseball slide kick.
He attempts to lock in a leg lock but Doc counters and gets M in a triangle choke hold  M tries to get out of it but the more he struggles the tighter the lock becomes
M taps the mat repeatedly.
It’s over.
(Bell rings)
(Announcer) Your winner by submission Doctor Death!
(ECW Announcer) Wow I did not see that coming. What a match
Ron Johnson's music hits as he comes out.
Ron is just on the ramp and gives a smirk to a prone M. He just looks for a second and walks away.
(Commentator) I wonder what Ron wants with M?
(SD! Commentator) Yeah. Ron is on Smackdown and M is on ECW. I wonder what he wants. But now it is time for the Cruiserweight Championship Match.
(Backstage segment with Smackdown GM, DJ Rallo on the phone)

(DJ) Now look man, I know you want to debut soon, but there is so much going on. Look we have the Supplemental Draft coming up, we still aren't halfway through Backlash.

Sterling Eby walks in.

(DJ) Look I'll have to call you back. What do you want Sterling?

(Sterling) Did you just say a Supplemental Draft? By the way, why is Shane still in this match now that he is on Raw?

(DJ) Look, the picks don't go into action until Monday, so as for tonight, Shane is on Smackdown. So you better mak sure he doesn't win tonight.

Eby walks away. We are back in the ring.

(Ring Announcer) This is a ladder match for the Cruiserweight Championship! Introducing the competitors. Sulyaman and Tim List.

They walk in the ring and we are under way.

Tim starts the match with some kicks to the midsection of Sulyaman. He then hits a dropkick and Sulyaman is down. Tim then poses in the ring for a second as the fans cheer and he goes outside to get a ladder.

Tim picks up a ladder and walks towards the ring, but Sulyaman does a dive outside of the ring as he crashes into the ladder and List is knocked down. Both men are having trouble getting up as the referee starts the ten count.

At the 8 count, Tim and Sulyaman slowly get up and Sulyaman starts throwing punches at Tim, Sulyaman then picks up the ladder and goes into the ring as Tim follows. Now they are both in the ring and Sulyaman lays the ladder flat on the ground and he starts kicking Tim List.

Sulyaman hits Tim with a Paydirt and he goes under the ring to grab a bigger ladder (30 foot). He places it in the ring and he goes outside towards the ECW commentary table and stripls the table. He goes back in the ring for List.

He picks up List, but List counters with an Irish Wip, to throw Sulyaman outside the ring as List goes out as well. He then throws Sulyaman on to the announce table as List goes back in the ring and climbs the ladder that Sulyaman put up.

List can grab the belt, but he jumps of the 30 ft ladder and nails Sulyaman before they both go through the announce table. They are down as the ref starts the ten count.!

The bell rings as both men are unable to compete and this is announced as a no decision. Medics are helping put List and Sulyaman on a stretcher as they leave.

(Jeff) Oh my goodness. That was insane by List to put his life on the line right there. We can only pray that both men are fine after that. But the show must go on and it is time for the Interontinental Championship Match.

Match 2: ITC Title: Greg Bush(c) vs. Kevin Canny
(Jeff) Coming up next is an ITC match. It's the champion, Greg Bush defending against Kevin Canny.
(C. #2) Now let's turn our attention to the ring where we have the challenger waiting.
(Jeff) As you know, Kevin got drafted to SmackDown in the draft so he'll try to take the title with him to SmackDown.
(Greg enters)
Bell sounds, match begins. Kevin gives locks up with Greg and gives him a drop kick. Covers, 1, kicks out. Greg gets up and gets tripped. Now Kevin going for a half Boston crab. It weakens Greg a lot, but he's still able to get to the rope.

Greg struggling to get to his feet. He gets to them Kevin looking for a bulldog on him, but Greg counters it into a rolling pin. 1, 2, 3. Greg retains.
(Announcer) The winner and still ITC champion, Greg Bush.
(Jeff) Well it didn't take long for the victory.
(C. #2) Kevin Canny will be going to SmackDown empty handed. How will the "Hitman" fit into Smackdown.

(Backstage Segment between Jay Rob the Legacy Kid and Dan Telek)

(Jay) Hey Dan, I just want to welcome you to Smackdown after the Draft last night. And good luck in your Hardcore Championship match tonight. Daniel looks pretty determined to beat you tonight.

(Dan) Don't worry about me man, I'll be fine. Hey by the way, good luck in your WWE Championship match. You really have the odds against you there.

(Jay) I don't need any help there man. I'm going to get ready in my locker room. Good luck again.

(Dan) Okey, see you this Friday and I will be bringing the Hardcore Championship to Smackdown.

(Camera to Dan Telek is getting ready to leave to the ring)

Suddenly out of no where Daniel Sumrall attacks from behind with a perfectly executed spear that lands Dan face first into one locker rendering him unconscious
The bell rings as the ref arrives on the scene.
Daniel offloads punch after punch on the now helpless Telek.
Daniel wastes no time and covers for the pin.
1...2…3 it’s over.
(Bell ring)
The ref signals an X sign for help then hold up Daniels arm and drapes the Hardcore Championship belt over his shoulder
(Announcer) Your new Hardcore Champion Daniel Sumrall
(Com #1) Well I certainly did not expect that tonight?
(Com #2) I just hope Sumrall is aware of the giant target he has placed on himself.
(Ring Announcer) This match is for the United States Tag Team Championship Match and it is.....
Over and Over hits as DJ Rall walks out with a mic.
(DJ) Now I know that you guys wanted a tag team title match for Smackdown, but Jev Thrope is unable to compete so I'm going to make this match much more interesting.
The match will be Dub Sizzle vs. Adrian vs. AkD who where 3/4s of the scheduled match, but the prize for this match will now be a Money In the Bank briefcase, and you can cash it in any time, any place for this year. So good luck in this triple threat match.
GM DJ Rallo walks out and Dub Sizzle's music hits as he looks more than determined.
Adrian walks out separately to so many booes that are echoing in the arena.
AkD comes out last to a pop.
The bell rings and we are under way.
Dub and Adrian look to have made a plan about teaming up against AkD, and they look to run towards AkD, but Dub Sizzle big boots Adrian and instantly, AkD rolls up Dub Sizzle for a three count.
(Ring Annoucer) Here is your winner of the Money In the Bank briefcase, AkD
His music hits as Dub looks pissed and stares at Adrian. They stare at each other in the ring, but Dub attackes Adrian by holding him in a Razor's Edge hold, he spun Adrian around and tossed him down to the mat and leaves.
(SD! Commentator) Wow! Can you believe this? What was that move anyways?
(Jeff) He calls that the Tornado and he looks pissed as AkD is a very lucky man tonight.
(ECW Commentator) Yes he is. But what happened to Jev Thrope? Oh well, we still have the ECW Championship Match and it is next!
First match Tony Arnoldsome vs. Bryn for the ECW Championship
(Com #1) well this match is certainly going to be interesting Tony has been through hell to get to challenge Bryn for the ECW Championship.
(Com #2) He certainly has and he was most impressive in last weeks handicap match.
(Announcer) This next match is scheduled for one fall and is for the ECW Championship
Introducing the current ECW Champion Bryn Swartz, and the challenger Tony Arnoldine.
(Bell ring)
Both men in the ring sizing each other up Bryn makes his move fast with an Irish whip into the corner.
He then flows it up with a knee press right into Tony’s chest. He starts unloading kicks and punches on Tony the ref breaks it up.
Bryn backs up gaining momentum from the ropes and launches as Tony yet again only to run face first into Tony’s boots.
Tony quickly unloads some kick to Bryn mid section followed by some power blows to his back.
Tony moves in for the swinging neck breaker and executes it with pristine precision
He quickly moves in for the count.
1…2…3, It's over.
(Bell ring)
(Announcer) Your winner and new ECW Champion Tony Arnoldine.
(Com 1) Wow what speed I can’t believe it’s over so quickly.
(Com 2) That was a very wise move by Tony you never want to give Bryn a chance that man is a very dangerous cold calculating wrestler.
I don’t think we have seen the end of this feud. But now it is time for the Hell in a Cell match!
(Jeff) Up next, two men will enter the Devil's Playground.

(C. #2) That's right as it will be Dozer vs. Stokes in that monstrous structure.
(Both guys enter and the match starts)
Bell sounds match begins. Stokes locks up and lifts him up. and now slams him. Goes outside the ring and gets himself a chair. Comes back into the ring and with Dozer getting to his feet he connects the chair to the head. Here's the cover, 1, 2, kicks out.

Goes outside the ring to grab the steel steps this time. Dozer gets up and Stokes throws the steps into him. Here's the cover, 1, 2, oh just missed. Now placing him on the steps and gets the chair. Hits his head with the chair.

He goes outside the ring again. He gets a table. Places Dozer on the table and goes to the top rope. And gives him a moonsault from the top rope. Here's the cover 1, 2, 3.
(Announcer) The winner, Stokes.
(Jeff) Well it was one sided from the start, but Stokes did what he came here to do and that was destroy Dozer.
(C. #2) I agree with you there. Backlash will return after the break.
(Ring Announcer) Ladies and gentlemen, it is time for the Smackdown, WWE Championship Match and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, Jay Rob the Legacy Kid.

Jay Rob comes out to a mixed reaction.

(RA) And his opponents, first representing Raw, Shane Howard!

Shane comes out to many booes in the arena

(RA) An next, being accompanied by Christi Lott, Sterling Eby!

They come out to many booes as well.

(RA) And last but not least, Ray Bogusz!

Ray comes out to a good amount of cheers, but there are few booes as well

The referee holds up the Championship belt and we are now under way.

The match starts as Ray and Sterling are fighting in one corner, as Shane and Jay are fighting in another corner. Jay and Sterling are in control as Sterling is punching Ray in the face and Jay knocks down Shane with a leg sweep, goes to the top, and misses a frog splash.

Ray also gets some momentum as he attempts an irish wip to Sterling, but Eby reverses with his irish wip and as Ray is thrown into the rope, Christi on the outside trips him.

The referee sees this and Christi Lott is banned from ringside as Eby looks pissed as Ray gets a rollup, but gets a two count.

Shane is now in control of Jay Rob as he is hitting some nasty kicks to Jay until Jay catches Shane's leg and flips him down.

Sterling and Ray are now fighting on the outside of the ring as Sterling low blowed Ray and got a chair from the ring, he hit Ray with the chair and ran back into the ring.

While Jay and Shane are fighting, Eby hits Jay with a chair and attempts to hit Shane, but Shane catches the chair and takes it from Eby and hits Eby with the chair.

All of the men are down except Shane, who is reaching into his pocket for something. He grabs brass knuckles from his pants and attempts to hit Eby as Eby is getting up and it connects.

Jay Rob comes from the top rope and goes for a moonsault on Shane, but he hits him with the brass knuckles, Shane gets the three count on Jay Rob for the win.

(SD! Commentator) Oh no! Shane is bringing the strap over to Raw? Smackdown has no title.

Shane is celebrating in the ring until Jay Rob gets up and looks mad at Shane, he then hits Shane with the Chiropractor as AkD's music hits. AkD runs out and throws his briefcase at the referee and the bell rings as AkD goes for the pin on Shane and gets the three count!

(RA) Your winner and new WWE Champion, AkD!

(SD! Commentator) Oh my God! AkD cashed in that briefcase and won the strap! The title is staying on Smackdown!

(Jeff) Wow! That was an amazing match, but what about Jev? Anyways, we still have the World Heavyweight Championship!

World Heavyweight Championship: JLB vs. Joe vs. Daris Brown
(Jeff) And we're here for our final match of the evening.
(C. #2) That's right it's a World Title match.
(Jeff) And does it get any bigger than Joe, Jason, and Daris? I think not.
Anyway let's get to the match.
(All men enter)
Bell sounds match is underway. Joe and Jason going after each other right away while Daris is still just standing there thinking what do I do. Jason slams Joe, but then right away Daris goes after him.

Kicking and punching away at him. Now Daris turns around and Joe gives him a big boot. Covers 1, Jason breaks it up. Joe gets up just staring at Jason. Staring visciously at one another they lock up. Jason turns it into a sleeper. Daris breaking it up though and going right after Jason by giving him lefts and rights.

Shoves him into the corner and gets on the rope. Now jumps off and makes it a rolling pin. 1, 2, Joe just breaks it. Joe going after Daris catapults him off the ropes and lifts him. and throws him out.

Joe turns around and Jason gives him a kick to the mid section and comes off the rope with a tornado DDT. Here's the cover 1, 2, Joe kicks out. So Jason going up to the ropes for his finisher the Nosedive. And connects it perfectly. 1, 2, oh Joe not allowing Jason to claim the title and kicks out.

Jason getting frustrated and just standing there and someone's coming out of the crowd. It's Shane, he just lost the opportunity to be WWE champion what's he doing here. Jason still not realizing he's there.

Shane pulls him out. Takes his head and slams it on the table and sends him back in and goes to attack Daris. Meanwhile inside the ring Joe looking to hit the Saving Grace on Jason and it's a perfect hit. The cover 1, 2, 3. The match is over.
(Announcer) The winner and new World Heavyweight Champion, Joe Burgett!
(Jeff) What was that? I mean why did Shane help Joe?
(C. #2) Well I think that question will be answered on Raw.
(Jeff) Well ladies and gentlemen thanks for tuning in to Backlash. I'm Jeff Gorman, and good night!

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