Fantasy Basketball: Grading the Grader

John LorgeSenior Writer IApril 26, 2009

The NBA regular season has been over for over a week now and I've had a chance to take a step back and look at the way things ended-up.

I was content in winning 5-of-9 leagues, would have liked to make it six or seven but that's the way the ball bounces.

Rightfully so, I used all the same advice I gave you guys especially when drafting my teams.  That being said, it's tome to grade the grader.

Point Guard: B

I think everyone landed Chris Paul at the top of the list for the PGs. 

I had Steve Nash second a pick I stand by because while his numbers dropped, he did everything you want a point guard to do (assists, threes, percentages).

Baron Davis (3) was a bust this season, in hind sight it seems obvious but you would think Clippers' Coach and GM Mike Dunleavy would have put an offense in place to exploit Davis considering he signed him.

Allen Iverson (5) was another bust due to the trade.

Chauncey Billups and Jason Kidd at six and seven were strong selections because many had them falling off due to age.

My only major error was leaving Devin Harris off the top 10.  I admit I was wrong on him, I didn't think he would score like he did and in reality he is one of the best players at getting to the stripe in the NBA.

I told you not to sleep on O.J. Mayo and Derrick Rose - I hope you didn't.

Shooting Guard: B

At the start of the season I had to put Kobe Bryant ahead of Dwyane Wade because it was guaranteed Kobe would be a top 10 player while Wade had some injury concerns. 

Jason Richardson (3) had an up and down season but he quietly had very good production and should be around the seventh SG next year.

Four through six: I was worried about ranking Andre Iguodala and Vince Carter over Joe Johnson the way the season started but all three ended the year with similar stats.

Due to injuries I dropped Kevin Martin to seventh and wish I would have put him at ninth behind Brandon Roy and Kevin Durant - both of who will be in next years top five, although Durant might be ranked as a small forward next year.

For sleepers I got steals from Ronnie Brewer and threes from J.R. Smith all-year though Smith still hasn't reached his potential.

Small Forward: D-

Obviously LeBron James led my list then there was this year's biggest bust Shawn Marion.  I thought he would flourish playing up-tempo with Wade in Miami, reaching his all-star stats of the past but he was very hit or miss every night.

The better number two would have been Danny Granger (7).  Richard Jefferson (4) and should have been supplanted by Paul Pierce (10).

There were plenty of mistakes in my small forwards including leaving Gerald Wallace off the top ten.  Even though he missed time his cumulative stats were great and I was lucky to have him on several of my teams.

The only thing saving my SFs was tell you not to sleep on Jeff Green, who should be a power forward in next years rankings.

Power Forwards: B-

Injures really defined the power forward position this season and Amar'e Stoudemire (1), Kevin Garnett (3), Carlos Boozer (4), Elton Brand (5), and Josh Smith (6) all spent serious time out skewing our results.

It would have been hard to miss on Dirk Nowitzki (2) but I was too low on Chris Bosh (9) and Pau Gasol (10) who stepped up their production when their teams were thinned out.

PF was a very thick position group, Al Harrington added value as a sleeper as did Troy Murphy.

Center: B

I did bunch Tim Duncan (1) with the centers this year because I've always viewed him as one. 

Dwight Howard (2) guaranteed you would win rebounds, blocks, and lose turnovers and free throw percentage.  Depending on the system you play he could have been a top 10 pick.

My third ranked player, Marcus Camby, was productive when he played in 62 games this year.

Surprisingly, Yao Ming (4) didn't go down and Al Jefferson (5) surprisingly did.

Much like the PFs, the centers were also banged up making most of my top 10 a wash.  I was very disappointed in Greg Oden (10) but I did suggest him with a buyer beware.

I did tell you not to sleep on Shaquille O'Neal this year and he was one of the most productive centers this year, leading the NBA in field goal percentage.