Randy Orton & Legacy Have No Chance of Winning at Backlash: Spoiler!

Ryan MichaelSenior Writer IIIApril 26, 2009

Cancel your pay-per-view order while you still can, because the results of tonight's main event are about to be revealed. For those of you who ponied up for the show with high hopes of seeing the business' top faction succeed by putting the WWE Championship on leader Randy Orton, don't waste your time.

Backlash will not be a night of destiny, though Randy Orton might want you to believe that. Rather, it will be a night of repetition that concludes with a predictable and anti-climactic finish.

Specifically, one of two things is going to happen: Either the members of Triple H's team will bicker just enough to provide a slight distraction, but won't amount to much of anything; or they will work as a cohesive unit that is certain to put Randy Orton's Legacy down.

So don't get excited, don't hope for change, and don't pay hard-earned money to watch this, because the one and only thing you will get is a Wrestlemania repeat dressed in a different skirt.

Either that, or they will close the show with Edge becoming the new World Heavyweight Champion. Whoops, I guess I gave away another predictable finish, sorry about that.

So to recap: Randy Orton has no chance whatsoever of becoming the WWE Champion. They might find a way to make him and his Legacy's attempts appear valiant, but in the end, Triple H will still be the WWE Champion.

The WWE is so predictable it makes me wonder why I even bother watching the product. Since almost every match of any significance is as easy to predict as a Steelers vs. Lions game, I don't honestly know why I make the effort to view.