The Denver Broncos: A Potential Threat For the 2009 Season

Bryce BedingerContributor IApril 26, 2009

When I show people that I am a Bronco fan by wearing Bronco apparel, I usually get at least 20 comments during the day on how the Broncos suck.

I wish I would have time to explain to these people why the Broncos did not make the playoffs last year and why they will be good this year (and how incredibly stupid they are), but I guess that's what B/R is for.

I'm going to start with the most obvious reason of why we didn't succeed, which is our running backs. Denver broke a record this year for most RB's on IR, with seven. Some people didn't even consider the fact that we had to resort to using Tatum bell (he was working at a phone company in Denver). Not to mention, the game where LB Spenser Larsen played both LB AND FB.

Even with these losses, Denver still had the second best offense in the the league.

What we have done to fix that? For one, we drafted Knowshon Moreno. And seriously, what's the chance that we'll lose more than maybe 2 running backs again?

The next reason was our defense. With John Lynch leaving the team, Denver had to leave the job to safety Marlon McCree. We certainly didn't get any better when he was injured. Other major injuries were Champ Bailey, Elvis Dumervil, and Boss Bailey, all of whom are key players to the defense.

Things that Denver has done to help with this is switching to a 3/4 defense (major improvement), and drafting new, young defensive players that should in turn help improve the team.

When I did get the chance to argue with people, these were the main points they had to confront me (although they didn't get too specific). And I must say that I'm am very excited to see it pay off this season.