Update on The Undertaker's Future, Possibly Wrestling at SummerSlam?

Sharon GlencrossContributor IMay 1, 2013

photo from wwe.com
photo from wwe.com

Considering he usually departs after WrestleMania 29, WWE fans were pleasantly surprised when The Undertaker instead stuck around for a few weeks after the pay-per-view this year.

Per the storyline, he aided Kane and Daniel Bryan in taking on heel faction The Shield, wrestling in a six-man tag-team match on last week's Raw. This marked "The Deadman's" first television bout in several years, and it helped an otherwise mundane edition of the show feel genuinely special.

He also worked a singles match on the next day's SmackDown, facing, and defeating, Shield member Dean Ambrose.

Despite Undertaker's litany of injuries and general wear and tear (there's a reason he barely wrestles), this was an enjoyable bout that helped put Ambrose over as a star. He may have lost clean by submission, but never once did he look like he was out of The Undertaker's league.

Of course, the trio got their revenge by viciously beating him up afterwards and putting him through the Spanish announce table (thankfully, it actually broke for once), seemingly taking him out of commission.

In this week's (subscribers-only) F4W Newsletter, Bryan Alvarez said the angle was indeed meant to write out the star, but that he may be back on TV sooner than we think:

It appears Undertaker is off TV for the foreseeable future after being destroyed by the Shield on SmackDown. There is interest in having him do a match at SummerSlam if they can get it to work out.

Alvarez also noted that another potential feud was being talked about for Undertaker: "There has also been discussion of perhaps doing Undertaker vs. Ryback next year."

Assuming his body holds up, the veteran making more frequent appearances on WWE television can only be considered a good thing. And not only because he's still churning out tremendous matches.

After all, The Undertaker is one of the few acts on the roster whose every single appearance still feels like a big deal and something that is must-see. Even Hollywood superstar The Rock showing up on Raw or SmackDown for a promo feels rather routine now.

Now let's just hope WWE creative come up with good quality angles for him, and he's not reduced to feuding with guys for possession of an urn again.