Dodgers' Tommy Lasorda Has No Idea What a PSY Is

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 1, 2013

Photo Credit: Big Lead
Photo Credit: Big Lead

Someone get Tommy Lasorda one of those newfangled Internet machines so he can look up what a PSY is. 

Big Lead happened upon a video and image that proves there is still one person in the world with some damn sense. In a bizarre turn, that man happens to be Lasorda. 

Here is a video of Korean pop sensation who dropped this decade's version of the "Macarena" with "Gangnam Style," a song that is now piercing though your head at this very moment. 

The video comes during the fourth inning of the Los Angeles Dodgers' eventual win over the Rockies on Tuesday, 6-2.

PSY begins dancing to his new song "Gentleman," which is a clear departure from his previous work. This one features pulsating beats that lend an opportunity for an iconic dance. How does this man do it?

Of course, the best part of the exchange is the Dodgers crowd, who stand to attention and go nuts over the pop star flailing about—except one. 

Here is an image that proves one of a few things: Lasorda has no idea what the hell a PSY is, he is not the least bit of amused with the fourth inning cameo or he just likes sitting. 

Bleacher Report's Matt King has a thought. 

Well, not so fast. Let's explore the man's ongoing affinity for the sitting position. 

If we are being perfectly honest, it does take Lasorda a great deal more to get from a sitting to a standing position than most people. Such an act only comes for the truly marvelous or unbelievably unfortunate: a Kirk Gibson home run in the World Series, taking Ismael Valdez out of the game in the 90's, etc. 

One thing that does not qualify is PSY merely showing up to give us our latest song that will be memed by every last one of you shortly. 

So if you see Lasorda, go ahead and explain to him PSY in his totality. Don't worry, he isn't going anywhere, because I am sure he is sitting. 


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