WWE Superstars Who Could Benefit from Becoming a 'Heyman Guy'

John Nizinski@@jniz73Analyst IIIMay 15, 2013

WWE Superstars Who Could Benefit from Becoming a 'Heyman Guy'

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    Managers in the WWE have played a significant role for a long time. Paul Heyman is currently the top manager in the company and manages CM Punk and Brock Lesnar.

    With Lesnar being a part-time Superstar and Punk being out for a decent amount of time, there could be an opening for Heyman to take another Superstar under his wing.

    According to WWE.com, Heyman is possibly looking for a new client to represent.

    Here are a few Superstars that would benefit from becoming a "Heyman Guy."


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    Ryback's recent heel turn has put him in a feud with John Cena for the WWE Championship. If he comes out of this feud the loser, there is a good chance he could be without a direction going forward and potentially get stuck in a limbo.

    Paul Heyman would be perfect to help prevent Ryback from falling into obscurity following his feud with Cena. 

    Ryback is not the greatest on the mic by any stretch of the imagination. Similar to Lesnar, Heyman can help him with that.

    The pairing of Ryback with Heyman could also give Heyman a direction if CM Punk and Lesnar aren't on Raw for some time.

The Shield

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    Paul Heyman has turned to The Shield to help him in the past, but the group was never officially under his management.

    Heyman could take The Shield under his wing and start to lead the trio into the direction of gold. He could start taking the members of the Shield into feuds for several different championships in the WWE.

    Any two of Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns or Dean Ambrose could compete for the Tag Team Championships, and then the other member could compete for either the Intercontinental Championship or the United States Championship.

Antonio Cesaro

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    Antonio Cesaro has been stuck in the WWE limbo for a while now. Even when he was United States Champion, Cesaro remained pretty stagnant.

    Cesaro has a ton of talent and potential but needs a push. Heyman could help give Cesaro that push.

    Cesaro's character already works great as a heel and he is often recognized as a throwback wrestler. Heyman could escalate that into potentially being involved in a feud for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Wade Barrett

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    Similar to Antonio Cesaro, Wade Barrett's future is in limbo. 

    Barrett has the physical build and charisma to be one of the top heels in the company for years to come, but there needs to be something to push him over that threshold.

    Barrett is the current Intercontinental champion, but nothing significant has come out of it. He needs a slight change of pace to help make his presence in the WWE more significant.

    Paul Heyman could make Barrett and the Barrett Barrage "the next big thing."