WWE Vs. TNA: Possible?

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WWE Vs. TNA: Possible?

Way back then in 2001, WCW and ECW Alliance had invaded the WWE. That is finished. But there are a lot of rumors being told to me that Vince McMahon might buy TNA. And of course most of the superstars in TNA were members of the Alliance, for example Booker T (WCW), Sting (WCW), Team 3D (ECW), and Rhino (ECW). Though, I think many of the wrestling fans would like to see a WWE vs. TNA rivalry. Including myself, I would like to see a WWE vs. TNA rivalry, because former WWE superstars who came to TNA are still seeking vengeance against Vince McMahon for running the alliance out of business. If there was an announcement by Vince McMahon that he is about to buy TNA, hell will be raised. Here are some of my dreamcard matches if there would be a WWE vs. TNA corporate rivalry:

Sting (TNA) vs. The Undertaker (WWE) - Singles match

Kane (WWE) vs. Abyss (TNA) - Inferno match

Samoa Joe (TNA) vs. Umaga (WWE) - Steel Cage match

The Hardyz (WWE) vs. Team 3D (TNA) - Extreme Rules Tag Team Match

R-Truth (WWE) vs. Booker T (TNA) - Singles match

Awesome Kong (TNA) vs. Beth Phoenix (WWE) - Singles match

Edge & Christian (WWE) vs. LAX (TNA) - Tables, Ladders & Chairs Tag Team match

Evan Bourne (WWE) vs. Suicide (TNA) - Texas Tornado match

Main Event:

Rhino, AJ Styles, Jeff Jarrett, Scott Steiner, & Kurt Angle (TNA) vs. Triple H, Randy Orton, Batista, John Cena, & Big Show (WWE) - Survivor Series Traditional 10-man elimination tag team match (Winning company buys losing company).

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