Why The Philadelphia Eagles Will Be a Super Bowl Contender

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Why The Philadelphia Eagles Will Be a Super Bowl Contender
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The Eagles have never really had a stable team. Our super bowl team was a passing team, not a running team. Last years team was our first balance, but it wasn't a very good one.

Now, lets analyze the draft. Now we have two great wide receivers, Jeremy Maclin and Desean Jackson. This will let Donovan McNabb spread the field even more, and it will allow Brian Westbrook more carries for more yards.

Also, since we lost Buckhalter, we don't have a back up, but as of yesterday, we got a great back up in LeSean Mccoy, a great running back from Pitt. Not only will he back up Westbrook, he would be a great replacement if Westbrook gets injured.

Next, the Bills trade. We didn't give up much to get a great lineman in Peter's. Now our line is stable and young, which will make our running and passing game better.

Donovan will have more time in the pocket, and Westbrook will have more holes. And since the line is young, we will have them for a long time.

Thus, with our great defense and our young offense, the Eagles could be set for a surge into the playoffs, if not the Super Bowl. It is a guarantee, though, that this team is the best team that Donovan and Andy Redd have ever had.

Super Bowl, here we come....

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