Floyd Mayweather vs. Robert Guerrero: Everything You Need to Know

Steve Silverman@@profootballboyFeatured ColumnistMay 1, 2013

Floyd Mayweather vs. Robert Guerrero: Everything You Need to Know

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    Floyd Mayweather is undoubtedly the greatest fighter of his generation.

    He has an undefeated record, and he has handled most of his opponents with ease. Throughout his career, Mayweather has also had the charisma to assure that all of his biggest fights have been sellouts.

    However, when Mayweather squares off with Robert Guerrero on May 4 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, the fight may not be sold out. Tickets were still available four days before the fight.

    Mayweather's fights usually sell out early. In the past, it didn't matter if Mayweather was fighting a big name or a lesser-known fighter. His fights always sold out. Perhaps he's losing some of his appeal, and perhaps he's hurt because Guerrero is not an iconic name in the sport.

    Regardless, it's still a huge event whenever Mayweather fights. It's a cornerstone of Showtime's boxing menu, and there will be plenty of excitement when the fighters square off on Saturday.

Fight Night

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    Date: May 4

    Location: MGM Grand; Las Vegas, Nev.

    Television: Showtime Pay-Per-View

    Approximate Championship Fight Time: 11 p.m. (Eastern)



    Leo Santa Cruz vs. Alexander Munoz, 10 rounds, junior featherweight

    J'Leon Love vs. Gabriel Rosado, 10 rounds, middleweight

    Ronald Gavril vs. Roberto Yong, 4 rounds, super middleweight

    Badou Jack vs. Michael Gbenga, 8 rounds, light heavyweight

    Luis Arias vs. DonYil Livingston, 6 rounds, super middleweight

    Lanell Bellows vs. Matthew Garretson, 4 rounds, super middleweight


    Main Card

    Daniel Ponce de Leon (champion) vs. Abner Mares, 12 rounds, WBC featherweight title

    Floyd Mayweather Jr. (champion) vs. Robert Guerrero, 12 rounds, WBC welterweight title

Tale of the Tape

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    Floyd Mayweather   Robert Guerrero
    43-0-0 Record 31-1-1
    5'8" Height 5'8"
    147 lbs. Weight 147 lbs.
    72" Reach 70"
    36 Age 30
    17 Years Pro 13
    WBC Welterweight Title Title at Stake WBC Welterweight Title

Key Storylines

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    One of the biggest stories in this fight has to do with the public response.

    This is Floyd Mayweather's first fight in his 30-month contract with Showtime, and there is early indication that it may not draw the same amount of fans as some of Mayweather's other fights.

    Of course, the real question will be the pay-per-view haul. Promoters are counting on Mexican fight fans purchasing the bout to support Robert Guerrero, but The Ghost has never had a huge fanbase.

    He will, however, if he can give a good account of himself and register a substantial upset.

    Guerrero is younger than Mayweather and throws his southpaw punches from all angles. He may be able to get through Mayweather's defense with some frequency. If Guerrero can hit Mayweather consistently, you have to wonder how Mayweather will react.

    Guerrero will have to keep his composure in the face of Mayweather's quickness, as he has never been in the ring with a fighter so skilled. He may have a game plan to attack Mayweather, but that game plan can go out the window once he gets frustrated by his opponent.


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    Robert Guerrero

    There's little doubt that Guerrero is surging right now. He has gotten better in all of his recent fights, and at the age of 30, he should be at his physical peak for this fight.

    Guerrero is a rough customer who throws a lot of different punches to wear down multiple areas of his opponent's body, and that should give him a better chance of breaking down Mayweather than the majority of Mayweather's past foes.

    He also is a lefty, and southpaw fighters have given Mayweather some trouble. Although none have ever beaten him, it can give Guerrero a small edge.


    Floyd Mayweather

    Mayweather has overwhelming boxing technique. He is quick, fast and instinctive in the ring. He will find his opponent's weaknesses and exploit them. He is well-balanced in the ring and that allows him to move, defend and attack with ease.

    Mayweather is also a fully confident and nearly fearless warrior. More than anything, he believes in himself and has no doubt that he will always find a way to win, no matter what difficulties his opponent presents.


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    Robert Guerrero

    Guerrero is stepping up in weight class. While that is not necessarily a weakness, he is moving up to fight the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world and a future Hall of Famer. He may talk a good game prior to the fight, but he also may question whether he truly belongs in the ring with Mayweather.

    Aside from the mental and emotional challenges, it's hard to point out any one thing that Guerrero excels at in the ring. He is not an overly sharp or powerful puncher. His ring movement is decent, but not considered a strength. He defends himself fairly well, but he will get hit.


    Floyd Mayweather

    Mayweather is often as good as he wants to be. He likes to paint himself as a hard worker in training camp, but he will often drift and play pickup basketball. He is often overconfident, and that is likely to be the case in this fight.

    Mayweather will fight in spurts. That could give his opponent a chance to rally.

    There's one other factor that has to concern Mayweather supporters. He is clearly on the downhill side of his career. The 36-year-old is not as quick or decisive as he was 10 years ago. No fighter wins the battle against Father Time, and that includes Mayweather.

Robert Guerrero Will Win If...

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    Guerrero is going to have to fight the best fight of his career.

    He cannot start slowly and try to build momentum against Mayweather. He must come out aggressively and try to land some devastating shots early.

    He must demonstrate that he can punish Mayweather and hurt him with hard punches. Guerrero is not going to steal rounds by outwitting his opponent or dancing around the canvas. That's impossible. Instead, his only chance is to beat him up in the ring.

    That's a tall task, but he must be blunt and hone in on him. Cute will not get the job done against Mayweather.

    If Mayweather is clowning and taking Guerrero for granted, he must be able to take advantage of the openings and deliver punishing blows that hurt the welterweight champion.

Floyd Mayweather Will Win If...

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    Mayweather should be able to beat Guerrero if he stays focused throughout the fight.

    His arsenal comprised of a left jab, right lead and combinations will allow him to score with regularity. His ability to move and defend himself should keep his opponent off balance throughout much of the fight.

    Mayweather will get hit by Guerrero, but he should be able to keep his opponent from landing flurries of punches. If he can do that, he should be in good shape.

    The biggest problem for Mayweather could be a tendency to take rounds off and not take his opponent seriously. If he wants to joke around, he may be putting himself in a precarious position that could lead to defeat.


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    Guerrero should be able to connect on some solid punches that stun Mayweather, but it's nearly impossible to see him beating Money.

    Mayweather may not always show a lot of respect for his opponents, and that will result in a few instances of vulnerability, but he is a great champion who will finish the job and find a way to come out with the victory.

    Mayweather is not likely to score a decisive knockout, but he will build up an advantage on the judges' scorecards. He is not likely to lose via decision unless he gets dominated by an opponent who does not have overly impressive skills.

    Guerrero is a good fighter, but he is outclassed in this matchup.

    Mayweather wins a one-sided decision.