Reliving the 15 Best Moments of 2013 Spring College Football

Randy ChambersAnalyst IMay 1, 2013

Reliving the 15 Best Moments of 2013 Spring College Football

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    Spring football has come to an end, which means you are stuck with a couple more months of twiddling your thumbs.

    Waiting patiently for fall ball to arrive and that football itch to be scratched can be challenging for anybody who loves the game.

    This is why we are going to relive those moments from spring ball. From the tick plays to the tear-jerking stories, this year's spring had a little bit of everything.

    Since spring ball is a rare part of the season where players and coaches can joke around, we got to see a few things you usually don't throughout the year.

    Here are some of the most memorable moments of spring football.

West Virginia Uniforms

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    With nearly an entirely new team, West Virginia decided to reveal new uniforms to try and liven things up.

    As they are very similar to the old uniforms, Mountaineers fans should have no problem recognizing their team this upcoming season. However, that font and those numbers could throw you off if you aren't careful.

    The way college football is nowadays, it is always fascinating to see new uniforms and laugh at how bad schools get these things wrong. West Virginia didn't do too shabby this time around.

    Check out the video to see safety Karl Joseph, defensive lineman Will Clarke and running back Andrew Buie rocking the new apparel.

Bill O'Brien Tipping His Plays

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    Bill O'Brien did something during the Penn State spring game that should be mandatory during the regular season. Instead of running the plays and keeping the fans in the dark, he strapped on a microphone and barked the plays over the stadium loudspeakers.

    Absolute genius.

    This practice brings a new side to the game and could actually help teach the average fan more.

    Okay, so maybe it would never be allowed in a game that actually means something, but more stuff like this, when given the opportunity, would be neat.

ACC Grant of Media Rights Agreement

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    The ACC announced a Grant of Rights agreement among its 15 members, according to Jeremy Fowler of CBS Sports. This means that the $50 million exit fee has been waived and should keep the ACC intact through 2026-27.

    With conference realignment taking over college football, the ACC could have turned into a big mess like the American Athletic Conference. Now that this agreement has been approved, we should finally be able to focus on football.


New Oregon Uniforms

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    Oregon never misses out on a chance to show off, so new uniforms for a spring game shouldn't surprise anybody. The Ducks teamed up with Nike and designed a special wardrobe, which included the words "Support Our Troops" on the back of the jerseys.

    This is the only program that gets things right every time, and it is stunning how many different combinations are created.

    Keep up the good work.

Big Ten Shakeup

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    Say goodbye to Leaders and Legends. Say hello to East and West divisions.

    Big Ten fans will finally be able to climb out of their hole, as the conference announced new division names will take effect, beginning in 2014. There will also be a nine-game conference schedule that will kick off in 2016.

    It is hard to imagine what this conference was thinking with the previous names, but everybody is glad they are fixed.

    Now let's not let that happen again.

Jadeveon Clowney's Touchdown

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    Jadeveon Clowney wasn't expected to participate in the spring game after suffering from stiffness in his neck. South Carolina fans were on edge and were frantically wondering if the best defensive player in college football was alright.

    As the fourth quarter rolled around, some guy ran onto the field in basketball shorts and caught a touchdown pass. It turns out it wasn't a crazed fan, it was Clowney, who was involved on Steve Spurrier's infamous trick play.

    Clowney is just fine.

Ole Miss Uniforms

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    Ole Miss has decided to switch up the uniform a little bit and lean in a similar direction to that of the NFL.

    With cleaner-cut uniforms that are sharper on the eye, the Rebels are going to look terrific in these things. However, the question remains how all of this translates to the football field.

    Head coach Hugh Freeze has really changed the culture of this program, and this is yet another step towards a new direction.

    For a complete look at the different uniform combinations, check out the Ole Miss Facebook page.

Johnny Manziel Doing What He Does

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    Johnny Manziel was able to remove himself from the paparazzi and return to the gridiron.

    After spending the offseason being awesome and shaking hands with celebrities, Manziel completed 24 of 30 passes for 303 yards and three touchdowns. Not a bad day's work.

    Spring game or not, he looked even better than he did a season ago.

    It is clear that the SEC has a problem on its hands, especially if he can continue tossing the football the way he does in the video.

One Last Roll for Auburn

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    The Auburn oak trees have been around as long as the university itself, standing at what is known as Toomer's Corner.

    Whenever there is a need to celebrate, these 130-year old trees would be covered in toilet paper, and a party would be thrown in the streets.

    When a man had poisoned the trees receiving three years in prison, the end of this great tradition soon followed.

    The spring game brought in a record crowd, and once it was over, the final roll took place.

    This is an incredible scene.

Marshawn Lynch Touchdown

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    Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch decided to return to Cal for the day and hang out with some of the current Golden Bears. He ended up giving them a memory of a lifetime, as he strapped on the pads and did what he usually does in the NFL.

    Receiving the ball out of the backfield, Lynch put on a couple of juke moves and found his way into the end zone.

    If only he was eligible to be an actual part of the team this year, Cal would be the favorite to win the Pac-12.

Kansas State's Tip Drill

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    With hardly any recognizable faces returning to Kansas State, many expect a return to mediocrity.

    The season may not be terrific, but if the Wildcats can make plays like this on offense consistently, you are sure to see this team on television quite a bit.

    Quarterback Daniel Sams throws the ball up for grabs in double coverage. After being tipped by the defender—and after everybody falls to the ground—receiver Tyler Lockett tips the ball and...

    Oh, it's something you have to see for yourself.

The Harlem Shake Phenomenon

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    The Harlem Shake had its 15 seconds of fame. Actually, the only cool thing about the dance is that it began to pick up steam once most teams were kicking off spring practice.

    You know what that means. Everybody wanted to post a Harlem Shake video.

    If you aren't familiar with the craze, it is when everyone dresses up in a costume and pretends they have escaped from the loony bin.

    Besides Nebraska (in the main video), some of the other schools that participated in this phenomenon include LSU, Western Michigan, Georgia, Oklahoma and Miami.

    Yikes. Thank goodness that's all over.

Louis Nix Two-Point Conversion

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    It is always a dream for a defensive player to have the chance to score a touchdown. Most defensive guys could never even imagine having the opportunity to lineup at quarterback, even for a single play.

    That is exactly what Louis Nix was able to do during the Notre Dame spring game. He made sure his receivers were lined up in the correct spot, caught the ball in the shotgun and then ran up the gut for a two-point conversion.

    It turns out Nix won a bet with head coach Brian Kelly, which allowed him the chance to play signal-caller.

    We are glad this happened, as it has given us one of the best memories of spring ball.

Noah Roberts' Touchdown Run

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    Noah Roberts is an eight-year-old who suffers from a genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis.

    You couldn't tell from watching him run the ball for East Carolina.

    Following his blocks and displaying a great deal of speed, Roberts was able to outrun his defenders, scoring a touchdown for the offense on the last play of the game.

    It was easily the highlight of the Pirates' spring game, and Roberts should start receiving scholarship letters from SEC country in no time.

Jack Hoffman's 69-Yard Run

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    Jack Hoffman is only seven years old, and he is battling brain cancer. With Nebraska losing star running back Rex Burkhead, the team needed somebody to step in and fill the void.

    There was no better option than putting a helmet on Hoffman and letting the young man go to work.

    Although he is short in stature, Hoffman reversed field with ease, found the hole and took off.

    Hoffman ran almost the length of the field and was no match for the Nebraska defense.