Floyd Mayweather Will Stay Undefeated Against Robert Guerrero

Michael DulkaContributor IApril 30, 2013

LAS VEGAS, NV - APRIL 17: Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. works out at the Mayweather Boxing Club on April 17, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather Jr. will fight Robert Guerrero for the WBC welterweight title at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 4, 2013.  (Photo by Bryan Haraway/Getty Images)
Bryan Haraway/Getty Images

Floyd Mayweather will put his 43-0 overall record on the line when he fights Robert Guerrero at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.  As the better fighter overall, Mayweather will stay undefeated and take down Guerrero. 

After a year removed from boxing, Mayweather has had plenty of time to think about this fight. With the Manny Pacquiao hype and the jail time behind him, he's back to fighting and should pick up right where he left off. 

In fact, he took a moment to highlight his training efforts on Twitter:

After the long absence, the challenge for Mayweather will be to keep rust from being a factor. Guerrero fought last in November, when he took down Andre Berto. 

Guerrero, 31-1-1 overall, presents a great challenge for Mayweather which should result in a highly entertaining fight. But while the fight is worth watching, he doesn't have the skill set or fighting style to take down Mayweather. 

Through his 17 years of boxing, Mayweather has seen it all in the ring. In his 43 fights, he's faced multiple different styles and techniques, but none have been good enough to end his unbeaten run. 

The younger and quicker Guerrero is often over-aggressive in his matches. Against most opponents, his flurries are enough to get a solid advantage that he can then ride through the rest of the fight. But against the defensive Mayweather, that will be challenging. 

While trying to break through Mayweather's defenses with his aggressive attacks, Guerrero will open himself up to counters. In his most recent fights, he's taken quite a beating despite being victorious. 

After feeling out Guerrero in the opening rounds, Mayweather's strong punching will allow him to take advantage and knock him out. Throughout the fight, look for Mayweather to have the upper hand because of his superior speed. His hand speed is on a different level than Guerrero's, and it offers him a huge opportunity to deflect a large number of Guerrero's punches. 

However Guerrero wants to fight, Mayweather has the strength and stamina to match and outwork him. 

While Guerrero is a worthy challenger and will take advantage of Mayweather's age and absence, he doesn't have the tools to dethrone boxing's best. In the end, Mayweather will find holes in Guerrero's attack and exploit them. Mayweather is on his way to improving his overall record to 44-0.