A's Brandon Moss Pied Himself, Because 19th-Inning Walk-Off Demands Such Things

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Sometimes in life you just have to toss a perfectly good pie in your face.

Brandon Moss was exhausted; everybody was. The A's had just taken on the Angels through 19 innings, leaving the announcers weary, the fans yawning and the players ready to hit the showers.

Not so fast, because we have some pie throwing and sports-drink tossing to get to before you leave the stadium.

Finally, after six-and-a-half hours of baseball, Moss hit a walk-off home run, ending misery with a beautiful blast. When exhaustion sets in, all bets are off.

That's why it makes perfect sense that he would think of doing only one thing when handed a celebratory pie: throw it in his own face.

A game that demanded 16 arms throw from the mound mandated a far grander celebration than just one pie to the dome. Thankfully, the A's provided the most epic cocktail of frivolity from the early season.

Not only does Moss get his own personal pie service, he gets one from his teammate followed by the time-honored tradition of a refreshing Gatorade bath.

It's really the only proper way to exorcise the grind that comes from getting up 19 times in a game to head to the outfield.

Moss, according to the video, hit the 597th pitch of the night. Even I get a tad restless after a three-hour baseball game. I cannot even imagine having to play one over twice as long.

I guess you could say I would look for the nearest shaving cream pie to launch into my face, because why not?

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