Bryan Bullington Throws a Fastball at Batter Attempting to Call a Timeout

Dan Carson@@DrCarson73Trending Lead WriterApril 30, 2013

What’s the Japanese symbol for “gamesmanship?”

Whatever the sign is, Bryan Bullington deserves to have it seared into his undercarriage after torching a pitch at a defenseless batter Monday during a Nippon Professional League baseball game. 

The Hiroshima Toyo Carp pitcher unloaded a sizzling queso skillet of fastball toward Hanshin Tigers batter Ryota Arai, who had stepped back from the plate to call a timeout before Bullington even wound up for the pitch.

Bullington—who clearly hadn’t slept at a Holiday Inn Express the previous night—decided to go through with the idea, sending the ball whistling past Arai’s chest.

Luckily, the ball slipped just outside of the batter’s shirt, leaving the the umpire and Arai both looking incredibly perplexed. 

Bullington was obviously upset with something here. Maybe it’s because the former first overall pick of the 2002 MLB draft has found himself out of the big leagues and plying his trade overseas. Perhaps it’s because has ranked the man one of the “Biggest No. 1 MLB Draft Busts of All Time.”

It's also plausible that Bullington lost his vision during his pre-wind-up routine due to a bad batch of fugu—that stuff is good but it is filling, and like rife with neurotoxins. 

While Bullington’s oddball pitch is strange in and of itself, it’s also worthy to note the even stranger response—no one does anything. Had someone intentionally thrown at a batter attempting to call time in the big leagues, a fight would’ve ensued and someone would’ve broken a collarbone by bird-hopping like a geek into the fray. 

Alas, the NPL is a whole other beast, and the only result of this inside heater of regret are a bunch of baseball fans getting their decade-ly “Where in the World is Bryan Bullington?” update. 

Bryan didn’t understand the request, and he won’t respond to it: Dr__Carson