Twitter Reaction to WWE Raw's Shilling of Domino's Pizza

Ryan Dilbert@@ryandilbertWWE Lead WriterApril 30, 2013

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Monday's WWE Raw got weird and product-placement happy by infusing Domino's Pizza into the show.

WWE basically snuck a Domino's Pizza commercial into the episode when Jerry Lawler ordered and waited for a pizza on the air.

Cole turned to Lawler and asked him out of nowhere, "Have you tried out the new Domino's handmade pan pizza?" Strangely enough, he had just ordered one. Michael Cole walked us all through the online ordering process as a delivery tracker graphic popped up on screen.

Later, after coming back from a commercial break, Cole and Lawler checked on the progress of the pizza only to find that some fans had accepted the delivery and eaten the pie. It's surreal to even be typing that sentence in reference to an episode of WWE Raw.

Fans responded on Twitter, some hungry, some irritated, some joking it off.

Wrestle Enigma was many among those watching concerned about Lawler's health.

Should a guy who suffered a heart attack live on air really be the one Domino's asks to sell its product? The better question, though, is whether the episode itself is the right place for selling pizza when there are several slots for commercials throughout the show.

Maybe WWE was just trying to appeal to the home crowd. After all, Monday's WWE Raw was live from Columbus, Ohio, the 16th fattest city in America (h/t

Fat jokes aplenty were made on Twitter, but WrestleDeLorean delivered one of the best lines of the night.

As for the details for the pizza delivery, fan Chris Wilson noticed an inaccuracy in the graphics.

We've all known that pro wrestling is predetermined, but apparently even the pizza deliveries are worked. Luckily, most people probably didn't notice the slip-up, as they were either taking a bathroom break or hurrying to their phones and computers to order a pizza for themselves.

If there ever was a time to tweet about WWE and pizza-related humor, Monday was it.

ThreeManBooth offered one of the better jokes, which only WWE fans would understand.

This may or may not be correct, but regardless, it's clear that WWE is confused about how much product placement WWE fans are willing to take. Watching commercial break after commercial break is one thing, but having the ads and the program itself converge in such a blatant way is irritating.

Fans are already bombarded with advertisements every time they surf the web, ride the bus or turn on the TV. Shoving another ad into the mix is overkill.'s Twitter account said it best.

When the names of the stadiums fans sit in are advertisements themselves, when college football bowl games are named after chicken restaurants and web servers, it's clear that the boundary between program and commercial is blurred. WWE's pizza adventure on Monday is further proof of that.

It was a strange journeyone that hopefully doesn't become commonplace.