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In addition to his on-field exploits, Mario Balotelli has had a distinguished career in making mischief off it. This week, he's back in the act, and now he's in line for a dubious weekly award here at B/R.

According to the Spanish press, Balotelli recently said the entire Real Madrid team could sleep with his girlfriend if Real Madrid come back to defeat Borussia Dortmund this week in the UEFA Champions League semifinals (English story via the Daily Mail). Now, Balotelli was probably joking, and Real admittedly have little chance after losing the first leg 4-1 last week, but Balotelli shouldn't be saying things like this.

For one thing, Balotelli's girlfriend—she's a Belgian model, by the way—isn't his to give away. And even if he was joking, it wasn't funny.

Of course, this could be a case of mistaken attribution. Comments are sometimes taken out of context, or else fabricated entirely. If that's what happened, then this week's idiot is an unknown member of the Spanish press.

Sure, there were other idiots out there this week. But for now, we offer our congratulations to Super Mario for this latest in a long line of boneheaded moves.

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