Floyd Mayweather Must Continue Antagonizing Robert Guerrero

Justin Onslow@@JustinOnslowNFLContributor IIApril 30, 2013

LAS VEGAS, NV - APRIL 17: Boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. works out at the Mayweather Boxing Club on April 17, 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Mayweather Jr. will fight Robert Guerrero for the WBC welterweight title at the MGM Grand Garden Arena on May 4, 2013.  (Photo by Bryan Haraway/Getty Images)
Bryan Haraway/Getty Images

So much of boxing is between the ears. To the casual observer, it may simply look like two fighters throwing their fists around with reckless abandon, but there’s a lot more to the sweet science than brute force and physical aggression.

Good fighters are cerebral fighters, which is one of the biggest reasons Floyd “Money” Mayweather is the greatest of the sport. He’s one of the smartest fighters to even step inside the ropes.

Part of that boxing acumen is his defensive prowess and counterpunching ability. Taking advantage of his opponents’ mistakes, Money waits for his opportunity to pounce—though not always in the most popular manner.

Still, Mayweather’s ability to get under his opponents’ skin undoubtedly plays in his favor. An emotional fighter is a fighter with a serious disadvantage against the defensive wizard.

And as we’ve seen so many times before, Mayweather is back at his mental warfare with well-timed trash talk aimed at Robert Guerrero, his foe for a May 4 bout that should prove to be, at the very least, and intriguing matchup.


Floyd Joy Mayweather Jr. Full Name   Robert Joseph Guerrero
36 Age   30
5'8" Height   5'8"
145-147 pounds Weight   145-147 pounds
72" Reach   70"
43-0 Record   31-1-1
26 KOs   18
Orthodox Stance   Southpaw


The trash talking has come from both sides (as evidenced by this tweet), but Money is delivering the verbal blows that have people talking.

Less than a week ago, Mayweather had some words to describe his feelings on Guerrero that will only fuel his fire and add to the drama of May Day, as quoted by Mary Ann Owen of FightNews.com.

A lot of times you see guys that are hypocrites. Like you got a guy who’s always preaching like he’s a preacher, like he loves God more than anyone else, and I feel that we’re all equal when it’s all said and done. You got this guy that’s going to the 700 Club, acting like he’s a pastor, but he got caught with a gun and he’s got Marilyn Monroe on his wall at his house, so like I said before, these guys are hypocrites. Like I said, you live, you learn, that’s not really my focus, you know what I’m saying? When a guy presents himself like Robert Guerrero was doing with myself. They were joking about me doing time. They say what goes around comes around, so a week after the fight it’s time for him to do his time.

And of course the talk doesn’t stop at interviews.

Money knows what he’s doing, and he should continue doing it.

Guerrero is an aggressive fighter who does have the tendency to fight out of control at times. He prides himself on being reserved and level-headed outside the ring, but there has to be a part of the 30-year-old that badly wants to shut up Mayweather in handing him his first loss.

There’s no guarantee Mayweather’s verbal warfare will get under Guerrero’s skin, but he’s making a pretty good effort. If Guerrero enters this match with emotions running high, he won’t stand a chance against the pound-for-pound champion.

It may be irrelevant at this point, though. As good a fighter as Guerrero is, he's already at a serious disadvantage against Mayweather, especially coming off a one-year layoff and one of the longest training camps of his life. Anything can happen, but it doesn't look good for Guerrero.