WWE Extreme Rules 2013: Ryback Must Look Like a Killer to Sell This Show

David LevinSenior Writer IIApril 30, 2013


Bill Goldberg looked awkward in the role. Batista walked away from the role. Bobby Lashley faded away in the role. Brock Lesnar is the only one who relishes the role. Now, Ryan "Ryback" Reeves must accept the role.

Extreme Rules must be his night, and the man who has muscles upon muscles needs to prove to be the behemoth killer he looks like to get over as a heel.

Not great news for John Cena, especially with an Achilles injury whose seriousness is not yet known.

The Extreme Rules pay-per-view must be the night Ryback puts the fear of God in John Cena, wrestlers and the WWE Universe. While the WWE has begun to build him as a menace, the transformation is nowhere near complete. It may not be complete until after Extreme Rules. It may not be complete until the WWE Title has been firmly fastened to his waist.

I'm sure Cena will have something to say about this.

The WWE (WWF) took the time to teach former Olympian Kurt Angle how to talk, how to "wrestle" and how to sell. Brock Lesnar had to learn it as well. Now, it is Ryback's turn. We know he can beat the hell out of his opponents. We also know he can fail at delivering finishing moves and hurt his opponents. His speech is sketchy and his movements are still robotic. 

Yes, there needs to be a complete sell job. 

Can he deliver? The WWE has put him in a position to succeed. This is his time to finally take down Superman and claim WWE gold. With Cena being injured, Ryback should capitalize on the moment and prove to be the champion the WWE needs to move toward SummerSlam.

Proving to be a "killer" in the ring could lead to other angles over the next few months. Maybe a manager (Paul Heyman with Ryback AND Lesnar?) or a tag team partner (Big Show). And what if he DID join forces with The Shield down the road? Yes, this is the time for Ryback to prove he can be the killer, the mega heel and the one who can carry the WWE on his back.

It all has to begin with Extreme Rules.