Golden State Warriors Who Are Stepping Up in David Lee's Absence

James Pearson@JKPIIICorrespondent IApril 30, 2013

Golden State Warriors Who Are Stepping Up in David Lee's Absence

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    When David Lee went down with a torn hip flexor, I thought, well at least the Golden State Warriors made the NBA playoffs.

    The rest of the team did not take that same mentality. 

    Everyone on the team has stepped up and rallied around the loss of Lee, and now find themselves on the brink of the second round.

    Going forward, these five individuals must maintain and perhaps improve on their performance if the Warriors want to keep playing deep into the month of May. 

First Things First

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    Stephen Curry has catapulted himself into the elite status.

    He is not on this list because he isn't stepping up, he's just being who he is. A star finally getting to showcase his talent in the postseason. 

    And how much fun it has been to watch.

Harrison Barnes

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    If you have been following the Warriors this season, in particular Harrison Barnes, you knew that he was capable of performing at another level.

    In the first two games without Lee, Barnes tallied 24 and 19 points on 64 and 47 percent shooting. Add in 13 total rebounds with just one turnover, and you've got a player you can count on as a third or fourth scoring option from here on out. 

    Take out that stinker in Game 4, when he (like most everyone else on the floor) was just a spectator to Curry, and he's had an impressive postseason for a rookie. 

    With Lee out for the remainder of the playoffs, Barnes will get the chance to showcase his talents as we witness the start of what could be a tremendous career.

Draymond Green

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    If you have been following the Warriors all season, in particular Draymond Green, you knew that he was capable of hitting three-pointers if given the chance.

    OK, not really, but how nice is it to see him shooting well? Four three-pointers and nothing lower than 50 percent shooting from the floor this postseason?

    I liked the old Green, but I love this new one.

    There is no real explanation for his shots falling down now, other than for the law of average, but if he can hit an open shot and bring all his other intangibles to the table, there is no telling how far the Warriors can go. 

Carl Landry

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    It's been said before, and now with Lee gone, Carl Landry is proving how valuable he really is.

    He's the Warriors' top scoring option in the post from here on out, and now he is getting back to the free-throw line and knocking them down. Landry is 11-of-13 from the line in the team's playoff wins. 

    Going forward, you would like to see his rebound totals improve, as he has just 15 in the four games played. (Although to be fair, the Warriors haven't missed much!)

    Golden State will need Landry to replace the rebounding that disappeared when Lee went down and continue his high field-goal percentage (54 percent since his injury).  

Jarrett Jack

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    Golden State fans should really start thinking about making a campaign to bring back Jarrett Jack.

    It was great to see coach Mark Jackson insert Jack into the starting lineup and have Curry play more off the ball. All Steph has done is make 14 three-pointers in the three games that Jack has started. And with Jarrett handling the ball more, he has managed to put up 33 assists in the first four games of the series. 

    Not only has the small lineup worked thanks to Jack's stellar play, it has also allowed the Warriors to continue bringing Landry off the bench, keeping the dynamic of an offensive post presence for the second unit. 

    Jack's shooting percentage, like most of the Warriors, is insanely high at 62 percent for the series, but his play-making ability going forward will be most vital to the teams' success. 

Andrew Bogut

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    Welcome back to the NBA landscape Andrew Bogut. 

    He has found himself out of position defensively, and outside of his 12-point Game 4 breakout, his offense has been so-so. However, he is starting to look like the Bogut we all expected prior to joining Golden State.

    That's because he is finally in shape. Or at least he looks like he is. If Bogut can continue improving in each game and stay out of foul trouble (and healthy), nobody is going to want to play the Warriors in the second round.

    If we haven't reached that point already.