WWE Raw Live Results, Reaction and Analysis

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistApril 29, 2013


Welcome to the Bleacher Report live coverage for WWE Monday Night Raw. Here, you will be provided with play-by-play coverage, tweets from WWE Superstars and personalities, videos, pictures and much more.

Monday night's show could see some major changes heading into the Extreme Rules card now that John Cena has been diagnosed with an injury, according to WWE.com.

WWE has a lot of options in front of it if it decides to vacate the title before Extreme Rules, but Ryback will certainly have an opinion no matter what decision is made.

With Undertaker's willingness to compete in some post-WrestleMania matches, we could see the Dead Man step in to pick up the slack at Extreme Rules.

WWE still has Brock Lesnar and Triple H to draw in some pay-per-view buys, but the possibility of another match featuring Undertaker makes things a lot more interesting.

With CM Punk taking time off, John Cena being injured and The Rock being nowhere to be found, WWE will have some roster depth issues heading into the PPV.

The World title match certainly has its upsides, considering three of WWE's better technicians are in the ring together. And with Wade Barrett and Kofi Kingston as IC and US champions respectively, we could see some interesting development in the mid-card scene.

Will The Undertaker have a response for The Shield after their attack on SmackDown? Will John Cena be forced to relinquish the WWE title? Can Dolph Ziggler fend off both a Real American and a Mexican Aristocrat? How will the mid-card champions be featured at the PPV? An lastly, will anyone who has been out of action return during the Extreme Rules build up?

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