Citi Field: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Brian ElbergCorrespondent IApril 25, 2009

Saturday was my first trip to Citi Field.  After hearing all of the discussions on WFAN and other such stations I felt the need to evaluate the field for myself, so here it goes.  

The day started off great when, on the way to my seat, my brother caught a batting practice home run off the bat of Adam Dunn and I gotta say it just about stayed that great the whole day.

The Good

The Food—The food is the greatest food I have ever had at a sporting event.  Starting with the pulled pork sandwich from Blue Smoke and ending which a burger and a shake from the highly touted shake shack, it was like being a guest at the Flay house.

The Views—As far I was I could tell (I was under the Pepsi Porch) every seat in the ball park is a good one.

The Promenade—The Promenade at Citi Field had everything in one area that Shea Stadium did not, big screen TVs to see the game while you were getting food and great places to sit. 

The Bad

Sweet Caroline—THAT IS THE RED SOX SONG. Why do the Mets play it after the top of the eighth inning? Why don't we come up with our own song?  Hungry Heart by Bruce Springsteen would me my first choice.

The Ugly

THERE IS NO METS STUFF—From the time you walk in, you feel like you are going to see a scrimmage game between the 1952 New York Dodgers and New York Giants.  The wall is black and orange, Giants colors.  There is a Jackie Robinson rotunda with all pictures of Jackie playing for the Dodgers.  Not to mention the first jerseys you see when you walk in the gift shop are old-time Dodger jerseys.


Despite my negativity, I still love the new ball park and I think it is a great place to win a World Series.