Philadelphia Eagles Draft WR Jeremy Maclin

Bleacher ReportAnalyst IApril 25, 2009

COLUMBIA, MO - OCTOBER 11:  Jeremy Maclin #9 of the Missouri Tigers runs for yardage against the Oklahoma State Cowboys on October 11, 2008 at Memorial Stadium in Columbia, Missouri.  (Photo by G. Newman Lowrance/Getty Images)

The Philadelphia Eagles selected wide receiver Jeremy Maclin out of Missouri with the 19th overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft on Saturday.

The Eagles swaped the 21st pick with the Cleveland Browns and sent an additional sixth round pick to the Browns in this year's draft jump above the Detroit Lions.

At the time of the trade, I was screaming:  Brendon Pettigrew!

When Roger Goodell went to the podium to announce the pick, I was praying for Donald Brown or Pettigrew.

At the same time, I was fearing Illinois cornerback Vontae Davis.

Instead the Birds surprised the Eagles nation by picking Maclin.

The 6-foot, 198-pound Maclin combined for 5,609 all-purpose yards in just two season with Mizzou—only the third player to average more than 200 all-purpose yards per game.

In his two years playing college ball, Maclin has caught 182 balls and scored 22 touchdowns as a receiver.  He has also scored six touchdowns as a runner.

Maclin possesses speed and explosiveness with decent hands and is a great kick/punt returner.

The biggest knock on Maclin is that he comes from the spread offense.

Will he be able to learn the Eagles offense?  Can he run the routes he wasn't asked to do at Missouri?

Only time will tell.

The guy that I wanted was Knowshon Moreno, but that wish eliminated when the Denver Broncos picked Moreno as No. 12.

So I knew that I would be disappointed when the Eagles first round selection.  The second guy I wanted was Brown, the running back from UConn and the third guy was Pettigrew.

However, the Eagles picking Maclin didn't disappoint me.

I don't think that he'll be that playmaker that Donovan McNabb needs, neither will he be a No. 1 guy, but he'll be a very good pass catcher.

The pick did stump me though.

Everyone knew that a first round pick and other considerations would land you Pro Bowl wide receiver Anquan Boldin.

Someone has to ask the question.

Why did the Birds not trade their first round pick to Arizona for Boldin?  Why did you decide to draft a wide receiver that is unproven and not physical?

That part of the pick frustrates me.

The Eagles could have acquired a wide receiver that may or may not put you in the Super Bowl.

Was it that you would have to pay the guy $10 million bucks to play?  I hope not.

If that was the problem, then that angers me.

You have tons of cap space and you decide not to spend the money?  That's stupid.

Maybe the Cards were asking too much for Boldin or maybe there is an injury that Boldin has that is undisclosed, who knows.

It made sense to get Boldin.  It did not make sense to get Maclin.

Philadelphia had a pressing need at running back, and that still exists.

Obviously the Eagles think they can address that need in the second round or later, but the problem I have with not picking Brown or LeSean McCoy is that now the Eagles will not get a guy that can be the next guy in line behind Westbrook.

I can't remember the last time that I liked the Eagles' first round pick, but now that changes.

I do like the pick of Maclin.